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MW4 Arranged Sountrack Release

  • XBuster
  • 07/31/2020 11:55 PM
Alright, we finally have the 1st version of the arranged OST packaged up and ready to roll! It was created in collaboration with a music artist I have worked with for a little while known as Swine Is Online. One of my video game-related dreams was for this entire soundtrack to be remastered in some fashion, so it's surreal that it even exists now.

The tracks have been in their chiptune formats for nearly 20 long years. HOWEVER, this is not the first time the whole soundtrack has been arranged. There is a Japanese album out there that a friend brought to my attention that I want to get my hands on so bad, but mostly because my curiosity for how the tracks sound is through the roof! Maybe, we'll get a copy one day. You can view the proof of that below.

The package itself also comes with a text file that I recommend reading at some point. That said, enjoy!