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The Official Super Girl Squad video game!

Years (or rather, a year) in the making, the Super Girl Squad game is alive once more, featuring a cast of three superheroes living in the town of Westville. Each story can be experienced in an episodic format, showing you another day and mission in the lives of these heroes. What can they do? What are they capable of? And what will become of the town of Westville? Find out in the launch of the Super Girl Squad episodic series, coming soon!

The Story thus far...
Living in the idyllic town of Westville, Alice, Natalie and Felicia are three gifted students who live with their provider, Ms. Fusion. Meaning to live normal lives, these three magical girls are forced into action when strange new threats face this small town. Forced into action, the Super Girl Squad will face enemies that are quite literally out of this world, will hold off a machine army invasion, and deal with unusual anomalies which threaten the safety of Westville inhabitants.

Alice with her electro-whip and magic, Felicia with her mechanical suit, and Natalie with her raw unmatched power, will strike, kick and rocket-blast their way through hordes of enemies in the hopes of restoring peace! With Ms. Fusion guiding them, the SGS is an unstoppable force! But just beyond the horizon, their greatest antagonist slowly approaches, one which threatens the existence of all the SGS holds dear. Will you be able to guide them through these affairs when the time comes?

* Launching with (hopefully) four complete episodes, plus a bonus episode!
* Play as three unique superheroes in a simple yet dynamic change-turn battle system!
* I've gone back to my dungeon crawling roots. You like fighting? Leveling up? Collecting items? Destroying monsters? Getting new skills? You'll have plenty of that!
* Strategic approach to dungeon crawling: Limited spell casts and no MP bar means you'll have the opportunity to use your most powerful skills as often as you like... or to save them for a tough opponent!
* Episodic and Open World gameplay! Take a break by exploring the beautiful town of Westville, or dive in to an episode of your choice to continue the story!
* All custom artwork by me.
* This game has bunnies.
* This game may very possibly have too many bunnies.

Much credit to the Revive the Dead 2 event for getting me to work on this once again.

Got a bunch of credits to give Yanfly for his amazing scripts in this game. I'll have a full list eventually.

May contain remnants of RTP (items, animations).

Latest Blog

Revive the Dead 2 progress bloggo.

SGS is still in production, and hopefully a launch will come at the end of the month. That's right, my most difficult and detailed project yet is almost a reality! Mad credit to the Revive the Dead 2 event! Here's some questions and answers regarding this project.

Difficulties had:

I’ve been watching a lot of shows lately to get some ideas! Mainly, American cartoons. Coming up with multiple stories has been the most difficult aspect of this title. Many of these shows I've been watching have been helpful in reminding me of a proper episodic structure: the opening, the conflict, the resolution, the moral of the story. All of it seems rather straight forward, but you’re telling all of these stories in such a short period of time, while still trying to add compelling gameplay, and to create strong character growth and build player attachments to the character. It’s a huge challenge, but a challenge I'm taking on full force. I want to deliver a fun, episodic game that you guys can play at your own pace, then come back and download a patch with new episodes added.

I've been working over time to bring you all five episodes at the very start! There’s a tutorial/entry episode, then the game opens up. There’s three main episodes. Then, there’s the series finale, meant to be the final ending to the entire game and its story. After completing a normal episode in the main game, the player will unlock the finale if they wish to access the final story of the game.

Unexpected challenges:

Creative is a resource I have little of! Coming up with multiple episodes is not easy. Furthermore, making custom art for each episode is a challenge! Thankfully, I’ve learned a lot of tricks to make the sprites much easier to draw.

The game is very much story based, but it’s also at its core a dungeon crawler. So I've been working on making a lot of enemies, encounters, items and spells to keep the player growing in power throughout the game. Furthermore, the encounters all must scale according to the player’s level so that the player can play episodes for themselves. This means if you go to the third episode, you won’t be under-leveled. Furthermore, if you complete the third episode and then go back and play the first, you won’t be overpowered.

This is something I've experimented with in other projects, and there's a big challenge: how do I make the enemies scale to the player levels, without overwhelming the players or making them feel unsatisfied? There's a couple things here, and I'm not just referring to plug-ins, as I'll be using Yanfly. Namely, for the first issue, I have to work on balancing all of the enemy stats. Sure, the enemies may scale well at level 1 and match the player's level. But when the player is, say, level 5, the enemy's stats multiply. This creates a problem: the stats can easily overwhelm the player! This means I need a solution. Do I make the enemies weaker at the start and risk removing some of the challenge of the game, or do I give the players gradually more powerful spells? It's something I'll be working on.

The second issue, making satisfying gameplay, has everything to do with the player's spells. What skills can I give to the players, over time, to make combat more enjoyable? I don't want the player to feel stagnant when leveling up, as if they're on a treadmill heading nowhere. I want the player to feel as though they are becoming powerful with each new spell. This is something I'll be working on big-time come the end of the month.

New things added:

Lots of new artwork (including this promo art!) lots of new enemies, lots of new sprites. I’ve added tons of new content for these stories, and I think people will really enjoy them. I’ve also included an open world environment and will add plenty of side stories for people to enjoy. Players will be able to freely explore the vibrant town of Westville.

I've managed to find a way to streamline my pixel art. Basically, I simplified it. I went the old Earthbound route of making each walking animation 2 frames each. Is it much easier? You betcha'. Is it lazy? Not exactly. This has allowed me not to skimp out on sprites and animations, but rather, to add more variety in sprites. Since people are so much easier to make now, this means I can add a lot more variety to the inhabitants of Westville! I've added quite a few zany characters for you all to discover. I want this to be a vibrant, lively town, and I think my new approach to pixel sprites in this game will help that!

Old things removed:

Remember Super Girl Squad, the Halloween Board Game? I was never very happy with its artwork. The girl's sprites were big and detailed, sure, but that didn't leave much room for adults! This meant that the girls were as big as the grown ups... and not exactly something I planned ahead of time!

So I've remade all of the girl's sprites, both for their school clothes, and their super suits. This means that, even though the SGS Halloween Board Game has all original graphics, I went ahead and made brand new ones for this official SGS launch. This means that, unfortunately, Felicia's pineapple costume and Alice's bag over her head are now gone. But at the same time, I've got some brand new, much better looking sprites added to the game!

Systems wise, I’ve removed some artifacts from the earlier version of this game, such as the original battle system cool-down mechanic. I enjoy cool-down systems, but I wasn’t enjoying the one I had implemented. I like the idea of using a powerful skill and then waiting for it to recharge. But that wasn't working in the system I had in place. I believe players will enjoy the new system I went with: limited casts. You can use your most powerful skills, as much as you wish, but you will have a limited number of uses of them before having to recover. This really opens up player choice and experimentation in combat, and makes the player manage their resources both in and out of combat as they explore hostile environments in the game world.

Art wise, since I started this project, I’ve begun working on digital art. I replaced the old pixel art title screen with a new digital art one. I plan to do the same with the faces before the game launches (unless people really like the pixel art faces!). All in all, this game is the fullness of my creativity, art-wise. 48x48 sprites, big detailed maps and unique environments, with some digital art thrown in on top for good measure. I've changed my digital art style a lot since I began this year, and I hope the colorful anime-ish style I've come up with will serve the game well!

Planning and putting together:

I’ve been doing a lot of jumping around for efficiency’s sake. I find myself hopping in and out of episodes while working a little bit on them one at a time. A cutscene here, a cutscene there.

A lot of the episodes have been created off of the seat of my pants. There's still an episode I have not yet planned, however. A big challenge I have to overcome is deciding which episode to go with. Do I go with that detective-idea I once had, or do I go with that alternate-timeline concept? Maybe a mixture of both? Over the next couple weeks I'll narrow down my options and make a decision.

Where you are now with the game:

I have two episodes mostly complete, the tutorial — which I plan to update and change before release — and the series finale. A couple episodes are still in the work, and I’ve begun to make decent progress on another episode. I’ve still got quite a bit of work to go, and that's not just the episode. Enemies, items and encounters, I have a lot of work to do, but I have a solid foundation in place.

Whether you think you’ll finish/have a demo ready by the end:

I believe, at this point, that I have enough momentum going to carry me through to the end. I feel I’ll have a full, complete game ready by the time the Revive the Dead 2 event is due. Hope you all enjoy it!
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You're magical to me.
Also subscribed! Looks super cute and fun! ^_^
Thanks Uni, super stoked to hear you're interested!

I'm really happy to see this game pick up a couple more subscribers. Almost motivates me to continue working on it!
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