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Make a blog post detailing what you've done since the start of this event to where you are now in the game. Things you can talk about:

= difficulties had
I made the poor decision to play some MMO game that had a big update recently. It was hard to pull away from it and focus on making this ultimate game.

= unexpected challenges
Wavering between having zero ideas and having too much, at different points of time. And being lazy as a landlubber.

= new things added
From the start of october, I joined the event, decided to focus more on this game that I already poured 200 hours into, in order to finish making the begginer forest. I managed to finish making the forest area boss, but now I want to change some of the other areas of the forest. As mentioned earlier, I'm constantly wanting to change A B and C. Over and over.

= old things removed
Some characters have had their sprites changed, and the older versions have been deleted. Also I deleated all the battler pictures because this game doesnt use the default battle system. At all.

= planning and putting together
I make it as I go along like a real pro. You know what ray bradbury once said? When an idea bits your leg, you start working. And you dont stop till it lets you go. I must admit most of the time i get idea bits is when i'm lying in bed in the middle of the night, though...

= where you are now with the game
On hiatus. My computer had to be disassembled for non-technical reasons, and I do not know when i will be able to reassemble it. The download you are looking at right now is a backup copy on my laptop. It should be fairly close to the development copy, I think. Maybe.

= whether you think you'll finish/have a demo ready by the end
I originally wanted to polish the game a bit and release it after that, but since my computer is disassembled for now until who knows when, I just uploaded this backup copy for you to enjoy because I want you all to have the ultimate RPG experience. No need to thank me.