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The kingdom of Asteri is under siege by an unknown force, and with the stars suddenly vanished from the sky, their source of magic - and only way to fight back - is seemingly without a trace.

A young child's dialogue with an indifferent goddess may be the key to saving what's left, but soon she will find that she must take destiny into her own hands in order to do so, as she rewrites the fates of the 'heroes' to fit her own story. . .

Star Child is a short but fairly challenging story driven RPG with a playtime of 1 - 1½ hours, requiring you to make use of the different stances and interweaving skills of your party members to stay alive. The 'intervene' choice will present its own set of changes, both to the gameplay and to the story - it's up to you to decide what the right thing to do is!

Take the roles of Hilde Moonshadow, a notorious war criminal and kingdom exile who makes a mysterious reappearance during the outsider invasion. . .

. . . and Nyx Aurora, the vanguard captain that would rather shoot first and leave questions out of the equation completely, as the dysfunctional pair are forced to work together and reach the Ivory Tower before the prophecy of the kingdom's destruction is fulfilled!

(Features two possible endings~)


Game created for the IGMC 2017 by AtlasAtrium and InazumaTheLightning

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  • 11/05/2017 02:31 AM
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Neat little game, and the art style was kinda cute. I liked the premise of the girl using the book, and I would have been interested to see a longer story about the rules and consequences of using it, like in Deathnote.
only 90s kids will like this admin
This looks really cool.
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