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Progress Report:- Fifth Edition

So this week I promised we'd look at some monsters, and I followed protocol and thought I would share with you a few implemented ones. There is also just a lot to report this week in general so brace yourself.

First up we have the Junker Dragon, which is a dragon composed of scrap metal, pipes, tires and other odds and ends. Junker Dragons are massive, they aren't related to the Drakon at all technically, so aren't actually affected by anti-dragon attacks. They can poison though, due to all the dirty parts it is composed of, so that's one thing to be mindful for.

Totem masks are something you'll encounter a bit earlier in the game. They appear on the, as of yesterday populated Gytera Savannah. The Blaze mask is resistant to all kinds of magic and the Freeze mask is resistant to all physical attacks. When paired together, they'll try to cover each others weaknesses!

To help with the more prevalent use of magical and physical walls, you can obtain Disabling Bombs from the Eighth Market Vendor on the Kentauros hills.

>Gold was also an issue in Meta Revelations. To improve the prevalence of Kinakio (Kina for short) the world's currency, enemies should now all drop something worth money. A lot of values for these items were previously missing, so if you had issues grinding money before, either by sitting at bandits for a long time or something else, this should provide you with a new way to afford everything.

> I also noticed that the demo has some nasty progression stoppers (One is just outside the Church of Order!) caused by project optimisation. This is due to an oversight in the optimisation script I ran to keep the game as small as possible, and should be fixed next week!

> Also optimised a few music tracks and upgraded some stock MIDIs to orchestrated MP3 files. This will kill some of the lag when opening chests and the engine scrambles to play the MIDI track. Expect the filesize to increase for the game a little bit.

> Jashej got a major lag optimisation overhaul. As big and as beautiful as the map was, there was some severe lag when you attempted to either record or stream from this area. It's now split into two halves, which allows the zone to be filled with more enemies and treasure! Jashej also gets a new, beautiful parallex background that suits the location far better and now it also tiles properly. Jasehj is a plains and not a mountain, so the water will reflect the location far better now.

>The prison is still being worked on, but has had a lighting overhaul. Using the Heretic/Blizzard plugin, it's currently looking mighty fine and fairly creepy.

One last update is I'm planning to add a 'skip cutscene' sequence to the dance/agu summoning scene since it is fairly long and includes battles, that if you should fail, restarting them over would be a nuisance.

That's all for today. Enjoy your extended update!


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One extra thing. If you wish to read the entire plot scenario for this game (Spoilers abound, obviously.) you can read this rather lengthy summary.
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