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Progress Report:- 7th Edition - Ultimate Weapons and Final Areas.

So when I published this game a few months ago, I noted that the game ends on chapter 4 of the 5 available. The 5th titlecard is actually in the build (but doesn't activate yet)

Here it is. Staza Plateau is a pretty massive town and you're even able to explore it to some extent at the end of the demo, but a few things are still in development mode, such as hidden corridors being flagged with 'H' to denote hidden passages.

One thing a few users and myself found in the demo, while most of the introduction of the game is not that prone to breaking, there is a light sequence break with Erith.

You can skip the short training sequence by pushing down after this scene. Oops. However, this doesn't actually break anything too severely. You see, because of how late this scene was added, it won't actually prevent later events from occurring normally.
As of now though, the problem has been fixed. You can still do this in the demo, just not when the game is completed.

Another thing I added, for the sake of quality of life, is I made Zephyr inform you that you can heal at the water font. Now- that doesn't seem like a big deal to some, but others have walked right on past it. Zephyr will only tell you once, so don't expect to be bombarded by her babysitting.

The return of Adena Krieger.

(This scene is still under Work in Progress and is not final)

Adena now has her own portrait (She's important enough to have one) and makes her return in the Ultimate Quest for the Penance Veridose. These won't be just fetch quests, they come with actual important story elements that help build the world. While they are optional, not completing them will change the course of the final dungeon for the worse.

Speaking of which, I actually do have a preview for the final dungeon.

Welcome to the hub of the Riftworld. Entered through the very top of Staza Tower, the rift connects the interdimensional realm to the living realm. This pocket world technology is where spirits and devils are kept, including Daevas and Avatars. Here, after several challenges you will face the final encounter. Depending on how many ultimate quests you completed, will change each encounter. Note that there is no way to leave this dungeon when entered; the middle section will open the way to the final encounter once the surrounding four encounters have been dealt with.

Unless you follow my twitter, you probably haven't seen my recent monsters I created this week. They are rather grotesque. Till next time!