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When our leading man, Marrik, finishes his military training abroad, he's all ready to return home proud. The king has other plans for him, grants him an improved rank, and sends him on a wild goose-chase for a long lost lucky charm said to bring wealth and prosperity to any kingdom. What the King has mistaken for a mere rabbit's foot turns out to be far more important, and he's not the only one after it. Marrik will have to search for the deeper truths behind this unusual trophy. His aunt and young cousin, Astór, back in his home town are bards. Perhaps they'll know something...

Set in a backdrop of a traditional medieval fantasy, a race ensues for powerful artifacts with the potential for great benefit to (or the destruction of) mankind. The quest is as old as time, well, the mid 1980's at any rate. ;) The journey will lead far & wide and into the heart of reality. It's a tour de force of heroic yadda, yadda, yadda!

The real story takes focus on the lives and relationships of the heroes, to each other and themselves. There are moments of awkward romance, tragic failures, and a "reasonable amount" of meta-humor. How will Marrik respond to growing affections of the adopted cousin he's always looked to as a little sister? Will they tell their strange new friend about his unusual "condition?" What are Astór's true origins and what has it got to do with anything? Join Marrik and his friend's on their great quest, and perhaps you'll find out ... together (host fakes a tear for dramatic effect).

Admittedly, visual art is not my strong suit, but I wanted something original and something retro. What I've aimed for is what I'm calling "8&1/2-bit" graphics. Basically, I simulate 8-bit with 2x2 blocks of true pixels representing 8-bit pixels, then I cheat them to touch-up some of the rougher looking edges. The style itself is a work in progress...

Latest Blog

Picking up the pieces

I only recently started coming to RMN regularly, and I noticed the Revive the Dead event late in the game. Never the less, it inspired me to renew work on the one game I ever made any real progress with, Heroic Journey. It took me about a week to get the game page submitted and sign up for the event, but I started working already.

The first thing I discovered was one of the big reasons I had left the project. Midway through production, I had figured out how to add a custom font to the game. I learn scripting as I go, so by the time I had put in the effort to make the font work, I was married to the idea of this font. Well, the font has different type-spacing than the standard RMXP font, so almost ALL of the text in the game needed to be re-written to fit in the text windows. That is most of what I've been doing for the last week. I did come up with a few new ideas to add in along the way, but I'm just now catching up to where the game's story left of. By the end of this week, there should be actual forward progress. And next time I make a game, I'm using the outline format, NOT write as you go. Yeesh, this game's files are a mess!

EDIT: It should be noted that I did NOT learn how to make fonts auto-install onto YOUR computer. The game should be able to run fine without them, but it would best be viewed with the custom fonts. The download of version 0.4 includes the font files.
Google can help you out with installing the fonts.
If anyone wants to throw me a script for making the fonts install, I'd be happy to add it in at some point, but, ironically, that's not really a high priority for me right now.
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