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Paletta Review - Short but sweet

Just picked this game up as it looked really creative and it absolutely is! Played for just under an hour and got 74 flowers, not sure how many I've missed but may play again to try and find the rest.

Visually this game is beautiful, the water colour-esque art conveys a lot despite using a limited colour palette and really adds to the story. The custom sprites and tilesets remind me of the gameboy colour but in a cosy nostalgic way. The music does a great job of capturing the atmosphere and was relaxing to listen to. The character movement is really smooth to add to an already well polished game!

Having the autosave feature was a nice quality of life addition. After obtaining the invisibility spell I got caught shortly after for not using the ability. I hadn't saved so I was glad I didn't lose any progress.

I wouldn't even say it's a gripe but it would be nice if the game was just a bit longer. Possibly achievements for getting all flowers or even discovering in game secrets perhaps.

Paletta feels like a short, complete and polished game with a lot of love and creativity behind it!