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Explore the mysterious island of Illumia with it's many secrets and treasures. Non linear interactive gameplay allows you to choose how you play with different routes and endings. Progress is determined by the treasure you collect allowing you to clear obstacles and beat bosses without grinding. Summon abilities of fallen heroes by embracing the power of the contracts and possibly even brave the dark depths beneath the island!

Four strangers are brought together and given a second chance when the borders between life and death are tampered with. In doing so the world they knew now seems unfamiliar to them and they must overcome themselves in order to find the man responsible for their shared misfortune. This man with dark ambitions betrayed his kingdom and released four powerful titans that had enslaved humanity in times past. In the ensuing chaos he plans to rebuild the world for his own sake, one without death or suffering. Will you decide to confront the titans, prevent the dawn of a new world, or explore the island to uncover it's dark secrets?

- Inspired by the early Zelda and Final Fantasy games, this game has a heavy emphasis on exploration and strategy. Your strategy in battle including whether to run or fight will determine the outcome of each battle and being unprepared for difficult encounters could be costly.
- Buy, craft or scavenge for equipment to keep upgrading your party. Collect recipe books and rare minerals to create equipment from the menu. Visit different stores across Illumia to find the best deals and exclusive items.
- Keep track of quests and achievements from the menu to track your progress. Over 40 quests to complete including a mark system for tracking challenging foes.
- Uses Yanfly's Charge Turn Battle plugin inspired from Final Fantasy 10 as a departure from typical turn based battles. Manipulate ally and enemy turns to create advantage in combat.
- Clear obstacles with swords, bombs, pickaxe, shovel, ocarina, lantern, and zephyr boots to explore dungeons and the overworld. You may even find random loot or new dungeons as a result!
- Each character has their own good and bad ending, completing each character arc grants a powerful exclusive accessory as well as several story changes.

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Had to replace the download link as made a few adjustments and fixes to the relentless difficulty. Hope you all enjoy, if you have any problems at all with the game please let me know and I'll aim to fix the issue on the same day!
For thousands of years, I laid dormant. Who has disturbed my slumber?
I was playing with a controller, and when I enter the Achievements screen, the "cancel" input does not work, and I have to use the keyboard. Controller input works fine before and after the screen.
@dyluck Thanks for the feedback. It's taken some time to tweak the plugin and make some necessary balance changes. Version 1.0.2 is out which has addressed these issues. Hope you enjoy the game :).
I've noticed a few impassible squares. Most of them aren't a big issue, but one is game-breaking. Or at least game-stopping.

When you talk to...Elric? (the mage) in front of the castle in the first town, the bridges become impassible, even after speaking to the guards which forces a restart.
Hi rebel1223, are the tiles still impassable after talking to one of the guards and then Elric again? I'll look into this in the mean time and leave some dialogue on those impassable tiles.
Yep. After talking to Elric a second time (he says the same thing as the first time), the bandit talks about the hidden passage, but the tiles are still impassible.
Okay, I've put a few fixes in place and they'll be there in the next update which will likely go out tomorrow. If the tiles are approached from the outside they should become passable. I'm still trying to work out how you were able to speak to the bandit if tiles were impassable though...
I didn't speak to the bandit, his dialogue just popped up after Elric's.
After the prologue, when the party is all together, talking to the guard standing directly outside Lauriett's mansion will crash the game with a reference error (triple_triad is not defined).
@whacker thanks for letting me know. Converted the game from vx ace ages ago and had to remove triad. Thought I'd found all the card Npcs, guess not lol.
1.The winged blade synthesis description and possibly the winged blade description itself has a spelling error.

2.Talking to Elric outside the castle, then talking to the guards at the castle gate as Elric implies, then talking to Elric again will see you stuck for good unable to cross the bridges

3.In Elfheim's first house the elf that wants to fight won't let you open the chest if you beat her. I talked to her initially, refused the fight and left the house, when i returned to fight for the first time, she mentioned a rematch(despite never having fought her), I won and got cheated.

4.During the prologue with Karena, the mines with the boulders and pushable mine carts can cause all kinds of problems. The cart sometimes doesn't respawn if it breaks and the rocks return trapping you. Pushing the cart a ways then using a bomb, going into one of the caves with spiders and leaving will teleport the cart off the tracks. There is probable many other ways to break this area.

5. When the bearded fellow from Elric's prologue opens the door to aquaria in his cave, if you enter the door to the dungeon your save is disabled as expected, however leaving the dungeon doesn't bring back your ability to save. This could be very bad. (Proceeding to the town past the cave fixes the issue)

6. In the mountains west of slum town the cave next to the miners guild tent has a minecart that is unpushable and a dwarf blocking the way to a pit with a rope for climbing down. This could be working as intended and I just haven't gotten far enough to do anything here yet.
@whacker Thanks a ton for the detailed feedback. I'll be working to fix these issues later tonight. I honestly thought I'd put a contingency in place for the cart to teleport to its destination based on previous progress. I'll do some more testing to see if this applies from those spider rooms alongside the other points you'd mentioned. The mine cart in the dwarf area isn't intended to move but I suppose it really should for consistency. That area opens up to one of the 6 hidden entrances to the depths beneath the island once you've maxed your mining rank post prologue. The other fixes shouldn't take long and no.2 has been brought up a few times and should at the very least be patched tonight. Regarding the elven elite I'll look into that event along with the 4 others to see if this is consistent and address that also. Thanks again for bringing this to my attention. On lunch at work now but should get a new version out tonight.
1.The 100 LB knight skill heavy strike doesn't seem to do anything. For sure on Karena, who knows on other characters.

2. If you refight the sentinal boss from the aquaria titan dungeon within the dark mirror area the timer doesn't disappear when leaving and will remain on the screen.I purposely let the timer run down to see what would happen(nothing it kicked me out of battle as if I had escaped minus the gold loss) before i fought him for real and won, so that might be what triggered it.
(The timer disappeared eventually, but I don't know when so it's not permanent)
@whacker Just had a look, I've tried to implement that skill in a weird way where there was a much simpler option, fixed and new update very shortly.
Am I correct in assuming you must fill in or crack all of the floors without falling to get to the treasure in the sky fortress in the room with 4 chests guarded by spikes and crumbling floors or is the solution simpler and I'm just overcomplicating things.
Also, in the water titan dungeon to the left of the first room and up is a room which you need the zephyr boots to get anywhere. Going up will lead to a dead end with a paved floor and two goddess statues facing each other. It looks like something that screams a secret, but I find nothing.
After beating the jellyfish boss of Elric's quest talking to the captain after the cutscene where you receive the compass from Elise will give another triple triad error.
On the beach above the beachside town if you fight the top left sandworm/pit the room it drops you into will in turn drop you into the void of a pit if you leave, ending the heroes quest and my own.
1.In the hellish underground caves section accessed from the beach area or the other beach area via the underground temple there is a unenterable void where a door should be, that or it is the most naturally uniform impassable cave formation in all of fantasy or reality, past the bridge area near where that bastard fear enemy lurks.

2.Before entering the dark village, if you take the left path directly outside the gates the area it leads to has a door right and up of where you entered that has a jump spot that doesn't work.

3.I have no clue what to do in Karena's character quest. Quest Log says find the bandit hideout, the house from the prologue is locked and haven't got a clue where the key is. Also can't seem to find jacob's note 4(deep dark notes 4)and not looking forward to looking for it either, because the darkness is the one thing I've grown to hate in this game. Why is the lantern so useless, I barely noticed a difference when I got it? I don't feel it could hurt to double the light radius of the lantern or better yet keep it as is and after you reach the dark town have an upgrade to the lantern or some event which brings light to the caves.
Thanks for bringing these errors to my attention and congrats for making it so far!
I've covered the bugs you've mentioned in the new update v1.0.4 which is available now. The 4th note is in the bandit mines after Karena's quest. I've since updated that quest description also.
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