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The future of Titans of Illumia

I just wanted to start out by saying that I'm really grateful to those who gave my game a try and to everyone for their feedback and advice. I've felt a bit more motivated since and I wanted to put a few ideas out there and see what people think.

I'll leave up a few options and if there is enthusiasm for them then I'll pursue it. I'll always continue to make changes and updates for any issues but I was wondering if I should continue development as people seem to enjoy the game or whether it's healthier to draw a line under this project and work on something new.

Option 1
Would anyone be interested in the Titans having more character development?
I was thinking that after defeating each titan you could have the option to revisit their past and learn more about them in a short episode.
This could either take place by approaching the crystals or its own isolated chapter after defeating the final boss once.

Option 2
Focus on quality of life updates and a few minor changes but leave it at just that. The game already feels like a finished product.

Option 3
Go back and change the story so that explanations are clearer and characters spend more time talking and interacting.

Option 4
Add a few puzzles to random caves and surprise dungeons to enhance exploration.

Other things I might include if people want it are:
More achievements
More marks or at least make existing ones more interesting
More sidequests

Should I keep working on Titans of Illumia?

If you think so let me know, don't limit yourself to just one option but I'll prioritize the most popular suggestions.

Thanks for reading,



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Options 1 and 3 are always a welcome update. Never a bad idea to give characters more development and add clearer context to story. Tightens up the narrative. Put a minor focus on option 3 and 4 unless it's a huge deal to players.

Also, extra content as far as more marks, side-quests, etc? Could be good so long as it doesn't feel like you're padding the game out to be too stuffed, you know?

Ultimately, though, 1 and 3 and the little blurb above is my input. As for should you keep working on Titans of Illumia...

Question I ask to you - do you want to keep working on it, or do you have something new and different brewing in the works? If you do...I say focus on that and shift the ideas mentioned here into expanding the works related to a new project, were there to be one.

But - that's muh input, my friend. :)
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