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Apologies but this game is super short and badly put together! A lot of work was put into it in early October, but real life took over and we sadly decided to call it quits. However, on the last day of the competition, we decided to give it our all and throw something together! So I'm really sorry for how shoddy it's come out!

Verde is the owner of a small business with an interesting premise - a cat cafe! She and her assistant Dusty have been receiving some fliers through their door: notes regarding missing cats and strays.

Verde and Dusty have to keep their business afloat while tracking down the missing kitties before animal control does!

In the competition build of the game, you'll follow the short stories of five cats that Verde has to find. Each cat has their own personal tastes, and you'll have to cater to each cat in order to win their trust. Lure hungry kitties out with tasty sardines, or play with energetic cats to wear them out enough to be picked up and taken to safety!

Credits to:
- TDDP Bind Pictures to Map
- Galv Pixel Movement
- Karugamo Contemporary BGM Pack 01


Sweet on the outside, nutty on the inside. Verde values the good in everyone and always believes in helping those in need. She's overwhelmed by her inner desires to save every cat from suffering, one feline at a time!

A bit of a grump, and a total realist. She has a real soft spot for Verde though, and would probably follow her to the end of the world. She really resonates with cats and their stoic attitudes, and it's hard to tell if she might scratch your arm to shreds at any given second.

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Hello. Can I translate your game into Russian?
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