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RMN Exclusive Update!

Version 1.2 for Einherjar is up now so get it right here at RMN!

Since the contest is over, it's time to fix up some of the errors that were present in the contest build. You could of course still play the original contest build in downloads, but we recommend you play the updated version as it fixes the errors found in playthroughs during the contest.

Mac version is also available in downloads!



Hey guys! This is our entry for the IGMC contest this year!

This whole thing actually came about from one whimsical question:
What if something like Fate/Stay Night happened in America?

It would be the same concept but with a totally different culture, with different dynamics, and different characters.

Somewhere along discussion we're like, wait a min, this summoning heroes thing isn't original to the Fate series at all, they've been talking about this in Norse mythology way back then! Then someone remembered Valkyrie Profile and we're like, what if Platina was a (slightly ditzy) American high school girl? The game kinda went from there.

We do hope to develop this further. So leave your feedback (preferably on the contest page if possible) and vote for this game if you like it.

Anyways, hope you enjoy the game!
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