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There are cases of disappearance around him.
People will forget about someone, forget their name, and then their existence will be forgotten. That person will disappear. They are 'lost'.
Nikk, a sixth-grader, has a Father that locked him up at home after school. He despised him. He thought that there are people that should just disappear.
And if there's someone that he doesn't want to disappear, it's his dear friend, Rea.

-Made for Indie Game Maker Contest!-

> All-custom, pixelated graphics
> Sidescroller map
> Story-oriented
> Short gameplay
> Custom music
> No battle processing
> No hard puzzles
> Dark theme
> Single Ending
> Only 4 colors used in total in-game


Additional Notes:
This game should be running in your pc even without VX Ace RTP installed, but if it prompted that it required one, please send me a message ASAP so I can fix it. Thanks! ^^

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I played it and was pretty good :)
Hello,would you give me permission to translate your game into Spanish? I give you credits on my Tumblr.
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