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Story & Setting
The secret Order of the Abyssal Shine had protected a dangerous and powerful relic successfully for 300 years. Then, suddenly, it vanished without a trace, and the Order's members were sent far and wide to search for it.

After two of the members get caught in a heavy storm at sea, they come across a clue to its whereabouts and who could have stolen it, as well as some unexpected help.


Evander - A Fire Mage who is a member of Abyssal Shine, while he is out searching for the missing artifact in a storm he ends up going overboard.
Riya - A Shark Hunter who finds Evander and joins him on his quest to recover the missing artifact.
Anwar - A Geomancer who specialises in ley lines and ley line energy. He is also a member of Abyssal Shine and is fiercely loyal to it.

Game length about 2.5-3.5 hours up to 4 hours if you complete all optional content.
Three major areas with their own mechanics.
Adjustable difficulty setting and encounter rate.

This game is set in the Arum universe, taking place shortly before Dead Moon Night, it also has links to In Search of Dragons.

We sincerely hope you enjoy our game a lot of work went into it and we consider it our best game yet.

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When I try to open the game it only shows this:

Never encountered anything similar for any players. What kind of system are you running?
Have you had any trouble with any other rpg maker mv games?

I am running it on Windows 10 if you mean that... and no I don't have this problem with any other MV game, which doesnt mean much since I only tried 3 others (titans of illumina and two others that I can't remember right now. )
Odd. We've had no reports of the sort so I've no idea what to tell you. I don't think we're using anything that could break the game aside a few lighting plugins that are well documented and haven't been giving us problems. Is your antivirus running wild over the game? I assume you have a decent graphic card and updated drivers and all that jazz? If not, it may be that, if yes...I hoenestly have no idea. We'll keep an eye out for any other reports but not much we can do with no other cases.

the graphic card is pretty old... though I doubt its at fault if other MV games run relatively smoothly.... the antivir didn't run wild or anything either....

Well keep and eye out if that happens to others, I can't play the game currently and I did try re-downloading it too.... (just in case)
Thanks for the try and report! Sorry it didn't work, we'll keep an eye out for any similar comments.
The Sharks are one of the game's main side quests and span the whole game, which ones have you found?
The Sharks are one of the game's main side quests and span the whole game, which ones have you found?

In multiple places I get a message

"You can feel something watching you from the depths. It doesn’t seem to want to approach."

looks like I am missing something.
It sounds like you missed the first two back on the beach, there is another underwater area there which has a sort of chasm surounded a central platform, if you get the treasure from that central platform you'll meet the first two sharks.
Ok, so I just finished the game. I honestly give the game 4*.
I thought it was a great short game. I would love a 2nd part.
Great job on this one.

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