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The Worst Possible Thing Happened...

I'm very sorry to say this, especially after bad news after bad news wave, but I'm sorry to say that all the RPG-maker related files on my laptop had gotten corrupted. Obviously, this is really bad. Luckily, unlike last time, I was prepared, well, accidentally prepared. Basically when I got my new laptop for last Christmas I transferred copies of most of my RPG Maker files to my new computer though Google Drive. Somewhere along the line the files got corrupted, causing me to lose all my progress on all of my current projects, or that's what I though. I actually have backup files located on the family PC, but transferring files from that to my Laptop is difficult due to the USB-Drive on our PC being broken. So bad news, I lost the nearly finished version of GRPGQ3 beta 0.3. The good news is that I have backup versions of every game except for the forbidden one... All will soon be revealed...