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Version 0.4 out now!

Hello everyone! KrimsonKatt here. Version 1.4 is finally here. This update changes many of the core aspects of Generic RPG Quest 3 for the better. Let's take a look at them!

-New and Improved Graphics: All enemies now have updated battlers courtesy of Aekashics!

-Improved battles and skills: All enemies and especially bosses have new and improved attack patterns and skill variety, allowing for more interesting battles!

-New skills to learn and discover: Black Mages and White Mages can learn quite a few new spells. Try them out!

-New areas to explore: You can now explore the southern isles area including the Ocean Outpost, Beechton, Bahamut's Den, and the Frozen Caves!

-New enemies to fight: Two new bosses were added, one the being the brand-new Tiamat boss as well as a remixed pirate encounter. This time you can fight their captain! There also many new enemies to see and discover as well!

I hope you will enjoy the latest update. Bye for now!