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An Important Announcement + Full Plot

Hello everyone. You may not be aware of this since I posted this news in a long update feed on my account, but Generic RPG Quest III has been put on hiatus until an unknown time. This is due to various technical difficulties involving file corruption, so unless I get my backup files from 4 major updates ago, I don't think I will be able to finish Generic RPG Quest III anytime soon. GRPGQ3 originally started out as a small mini-project but then blew way out of proportion once I started incorporated insanely deep lore into it. Originally, the game was just meant to be a parody of Final Fantasy 1. The final boss was named Xine Eraques (a mixed up version of "Square Enix") and would use attacks that referenced various final fantasy games.

However my ambitions rose and I changed the entire plot halfway though development in order to bring up a new narrative. In this new plot the entirety of Generica was a false world created by an evil false god named Samyaza, and that the heroes Bob, Jeff, Sophia and Emma were stuck in a time loop that repeated every time they succeeded in their quest as a sort of "limbo." The only way to break out of the loop was to defy expectations and side with the dark lord which you can only accomplish by helping the monsters you have been fighting this entire time, changing all the normal encounters in the world to "Divine Husks." You do this by gathering the light orb and the dark orb. The light orb would be obtained by preforming good deeds across the world, such as helping townspeople with their problems and donating to the poor. The dark shard would be obtained by killing Samyaza's "4 Divine Generals" which were located in the farthest reaches of the world map and could be fought at any time once you have the ship, but they are far too powerful to fight right away and they even get stronger each time you collect a crystal.

You then needed to find a "forgotten soul" to use as a conduit to forge the "Orb of Good End." To do so you need to collect a "magic key" from the air dungeon and use it to unlock the king's and queen's vaults in Generica Castle. In this sidequest you learn of the king and queen's evil desires, and by either siding with the King or the Queen you obtain the "???" which gets rid of the fire barrier located in the Queen's Chambers.

By climbing down the stairs, you enter the Realm of the Forgotten, the bonus dungeon of this game. Here you encounter many mysterious glitchy enemies and travel though maps from Chronicles of Light, Zero Gear Fighters, and Dragon Ascension, (mostly default VX Ace maps but done in MV's style) except this time it was all in black and white with no music in the background and devoid of any life.

After clearing the first area TOWN_1.exe you find the character Vixi from Zero Gear Fighters who joins you temporarily. She possesses the strongest spells in the game, and has very high stats. The realm of the forgotten also hosts various superbosses based off the bosses from Chronicles of Light, Zero Gear Fighters, and Dragon Ascension, but are much harder. This ends with a battle against the Embodiment of Bad Jokes, CHEEZ HOOTSAUZ, the hardest boss in the game.But what even is the realm of the forgotten?

Well, Vixi explains that the Realm of the Forgotten is an amalgamation of realities that were destroyed by an evil deity known as Elzakalas, the origin of all evil and the opposite force to God. Throughout two previous worlds, Elzakalas sent his spawn the Archons to consume planets energy in order to feed their master. Elzakalas would then awaken and expel all of that energy at once, erasing that world from existence and sending it, completely bare of all life outside of those with the strongest wills, into the realm of the forgotten.

So far, Elzakalas has destroyed 48 different realities, and Elzakalas seeks to erase 99 realities in order to reach the Origin, allowing him to ascend into a higher plane of existence and replace the god of this world, Barbello, to recreate the world in his image. Samyaza is only one of his spawns, and in currently being used by the Exodus Foundation, a greater evil controlled by another Archon named Pranola, in order to trap the heroes true forms in false bodies and a false existence.

The heroes true names are Salamander, Gnome, Undine, Sylph, Lumina, and Diablos, two of which were actually the dark lord and princess pretty themselves! They were 6 of 8 dragon spirits, powerful symbiotic beings that can empower regular humans with powers from the ancient past, the powers of the First Dragons.

Now equipped with the Orb of True End, the heroes now restored to their original forms convinces the dark lord to join them, angering the creator Samyaza to come down in a fury, bringing them all to the final realm, the Hellaven Skyrealm. (A combination of hell and heaven.) Here you go though 4 themed areas and re-fight the 4 bosses, now much more powerful due to Samyaza's influence. You finally fight Samyaza, and with his defeat Generica is destroyed and the heroes return to the real world.

Credits roll, and in the post credits scene, we see a cutscene in a 2D view instead of a normal bird's eye view in what seems to be Mega Man Zero like gameplay. The character, revealed to be named Sakura, finds a knocked out Salamander,and reaches out her hand, and a pop up comes out that says "Link Commence!" The End.

So that was basically my story idea for Generic RPG Quest 3, but sadly that plot will probably never come to pass unless I make them game all over again from scratch, which would just be painful. Overall, I have been distracting myself from my real goal, the goal to create a plot that I have been working on for over a decade. (Yes, THAT long.) Firebrand Chronicles, my magnum opus. GRPGQ3 and other things such as my YouTube addiction and me rather wanting to spend my time playing games like Fire Emblem Three Houses instead of working on my games cause me to lose focus on my true goals, and it's about time that that changes. It's time to make Firebrand Chronicles!