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In some underground suburb in some kind of reality, a female something wakes up after a huge party, and realizes that the city is gonna evaporate due to a malfunctioning reactor. That's EtherealElen's Last Night.

EtherealElen is the character's fictional username.

The game's basic gameplay is that of a graphical adventure. Move your character, solve inventory puzzles, talk with people and interact with objects.

You can control the game with the mouse, keyboard or gamepad. As of right now there is no rebinding support, but it's being considered.

Keyboard bindings:
- Directional keys or WASD: Movement.
- Space: Interact
Gamepad bindings (as in X360 controller):
- Right Analog: Movement
- A: Interact


You can find the game's prototype in itch, or download it from this site.


Latest Blog

Log #3 - Videogame showcase

These two last days have been quite the work for me, not just on making the game, but in a small showcase in my country. I'm pretty happy for it since I sometimes thought game development was unexistant here, but it looks like it's slowly getting more and more developed. I met lots of people that make stuff, specially in Unity and Unreal, others in Game Maker Studio 2, etc. And a guy that uses libGDX. Etcetera.

It was a pretty nice experience, had the opportunity to share this game's alpha with many people, see their reactions, think about the possible market/target audience to it, etc. Saw what they liked better, what they didn't, and so on.

My stand. Pretty simple.

And some people playing the game.

Fro what I can gather, the game could potentially be played by most people, all ages and sex. Kids played it fine. It actually SEEMED harder to understand to the more adult. So I think from what I can gather I can understand what would be the target audience, and so consider that when setting the tone of the game. As in, the kind of content it will have. Not so mature, yet not "kids stuff" either, kids that played it were not so young either. 10s to 20s could work as a nice age range.

So yeah, I'm happy, VERY tired, but I have lots of feedback that will hopefully improve the experience and give this game way more direction. I think.

Thanks for reading!
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  • 11/17/2017 03:58 PM
  • 12/29/2017 03:25 PM
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Looks interesting. I like the mash up of genres/gameplay.
I'll upload the prototype version, please take in mind this prototype version has already 1-2 months of existing already, and it was made in less than a week.
I played the prototype, and I really like the mix of 2D & 3D graphics. It looks really cool! Looking forward to playing more.
I hope I reupload a second prototype after I iron out some small things. This second prototype will not represent either what would the final game be like, but it's meant to incorporate the puzzle mechanics. :^)

Thanks Suzy the Cheesemaster!
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