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"The Sacred Crystals have always been used to conquer evil of the world with Warriors of the Crystals, using both magic the crystals bestow with the warrior's bravery and will, they conquer evil together to banish it into the realm of nothingness. The warriors are not the only guardians that could use the power of the crystals; legend has it that there are four dragons, which were put into eternal slumber due to their berserk nature and power to the destroy the world itself. Legend also says...if the power of the crystals fell into the wrong hands, the dragons could be revived...

...The revival of world destruction."

After the battle with Exdeath, Bartz, Lenna, Faris and Krile went their seperate ways.

As the new ruler of "New" Typhoon and with Faris gone back to her crew as their pirate captian, she stays along in the castle, always remembering the past she once had with her friends. She wants to go find them...but how will she be reunited with her friends?

As Lenna thinks of a way to reunite with her friends, we enter Zeke...

Zeke is a Mage with the power to change the form his magic takes, being it White, Black, Blue or even Arcane magic. Zeke suddenly woke up from being unconscious for an unknown amount of time, due to this, he suffers from memory loss and cannot remember anything except for his name. After waking up, he finds himself awake in a forest, since he suffers from amnesia, this forest is a mystery to him. As Zeke wanders the forest, he finds a man in shining blue and white armor camping in the forest...could it be...?

- Original Characters, plus some that were only NPCs!

- Job System, with 8 new jobs!

- New Summon Spells!

- New Character Designs!

- Full MP3 Soundtrack, consisting of some classic favourites and new ones!

Original Characters - Square Enix
Resources - Charas Project (Credits of resource sharers coming soon)
Custom Sprites - Tezuka, Shadowdude, Redwyn, JosephSeraph, Nich
Mapping - Shadowdude
Music - Square Enix, Arlen/Ryan Leber
Sounds - Square Enix, findsounds.com, nrsisyourbuddy

The Official Final Fantasy V-II Website

Latest Blog

This is it.

Well, this is it. The blog entry I never wanted to make, no matter how much I tried to keep the project alive, but sadly it was inevitable due to the consequences.

I will explain.

Over the past year or so now, my personal life and career took a...detour to what I was aiming for, which left me in a state that left me pretty down and, dare I say it, suicidal. Just to let you know before I carry on, things have become a LOT better and things have picked up lately so “those” tendencies are gone. But why am I ending/indefinite postponing this project?
My confidence. With what happened to me and what I did to myself, I have lost confidence in my abilities as a leader of this project and a “game designer”. In my current state, I do not want to make a half-assed sub-sequel to a game I love, it wouldn’t be right for both you guys as fans of both the project and the original game, and me. This project has been a good on-and-off ride for me; I’ve worked with amazingly talented music and graphical artists who helped me 110%, always willing to help me when they had the time. As I write this, I still feel bad for postponing this project; it was something I worked on and designed for six years. Imagine; I was 15 when I first came up with this! Which kind of explains some of the mess with mapping, but I’ll come back to that near the end.

During my time on RMN, I have gathered a bit of knowledge from members here, got recognition for FFV-II and even met with a valued team member here. I will still try to be active and around, I’ll probably try and give a few reviews as well (I’ve always wanted to do a review for I’m Scared of Girls, heh), just don’t expect literary genius in my writing!

During the project, I read the comments that accumulated on the project page. The one that caught my eye was about the “messy” maps and strange event blocks. This was due to broken chipsets that we created ourselves years ago by using an emulator and time. What we didn’t have those years ago was the skill we have/had now. We were going to fix this, but as of this post, it will sadly not come to light, but I thank you for pointing it out and even offering your help. :)

Even though my confidence and faith in my abilities are temporarily shocked, expect some surprises sometime in the future.

If you have read all of this, I personally thank you for your time. I am down but not out!

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I think that you are a little confused about what exactly an Action RPG is.
Okay just so your not clear a Traditional Rpg is turn based, action isn't,
I am pretty interested in hooking up sometime. Screw me.
An action RPG is one where battles happen in the map you walk in.

Examples: Secret of Mana, Zelda (battle-wise).
Haha, sorry about that. I actually decided to post this game right before going somewhere, so I actually did it in a hurry.

I apologize again for the mix-up.
I am pretty interested in hooking up sometime. Screw me.
'Tis ok. Moving on with the game, it definitely looks worth a try. I loved FF5 and I'm looking forward to this, what with the job system and such.

Good luck with this project!
Is this even still... Alive?
HUGE update. Check the blog for details.
Oh, yay! I thought it was abandoned =D
If you complete this you're my hero.
It's all about dragons. It's the new hip thing.
Just gonna take the time to say that I love the Detective Conan avatar (is an unapolagetic DC fanboy)
An action RPG is one where battles happen in the map you walk in.

Examples: Secret of Mana, Zelda (battle-wise).

Wrong... CT is not an action RPG.
Gotta say, love the Krile sprite, but will probably still hate the character. ^_^ Either way, consider me a Beta tester should you need one. I'm usually pretty good about spotting bugs in RPG Maker games
Also, reading a bit more, not sure I like the direction you took with Bartz... we already have Cloud and Squall and such, why make one of the chipperiest (it's a word now, deal with it) characters "dead inside" when you could have a lot of fun with his goofiness?
One final thing (curse you, lack of edit buttons!): none of your links seem to work for me, and I had to delete everything up to the www. So... just thought I'd letcha know =p
Geez, you ain't exaggerating about the link for the "The Official Final Fantasy V-II Website" being completely messed up.

Did some Googling and found it though:
1.) Why is there no battle music? You could just rip FFV music for this fan game.
2.) Did the sprites walk that slowly in the original? I definitely would like it faster.
3.) I'm peeved that only 2 jobs are in the demo, but why do both the paladin and mage start without any skills at all? Maybe excusable for the paladin, but impossible for the black mage who is weak to begin with. Even at level 2, no skills.
4.) I mistook the quit in the CMS for exit and left the game without saving. I'm not slow-walking up that tower again.

Looks pretty and consistent, just didn't have all the pieces together. I'll try again when there's some job tree in place.
Love Final Fantasy V, have to try this out.
This should be nice. Looking forward to it.
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