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This is it.

Well, this is it. The blog entry I never wanted to make, no matter how much I tried to keep the project alive, but sadly it was inevitable due to the consequences.

I will explain.

Over the past year or so now, my personal life and career took a...detour to what I was aiming for, which left me in a state that left me pretty down and, dare I say it, suicidal. Just to let you know before I carry on, things have become a LOT better and things have picked up lately so “those” tendencies are gone. But why am I ending/indefinite postponing this project?
My confidence. With what happened to me and what I did to myself, I have lost confidence in my abilities as a leader of this project and a “game designer”. In my current state, I do not want to make a half-assed sub-sequel to a game I love, it wouldn’t be right for both you guys as fans of both the project and the original game, and me. This project has been a good on-and-off ride for me; I’ve worked with amazingly talented music and graphical artists who helped me 110%, always willing to help me when they had the time. As I write this, I still feel bad for postponing this project; it was something I worked on and designed for six years. Imagine; I was 15 when I first came up with this! Which kind of explains some of the mess with mapping, but I’ll come back to that near the end.

During my time on RMN, I have gathered a bit of knowledge from members here, got recognition for FFV-II and even met with a valued team member here. I will still try to be active and around, I’ll probably try and give a few reviews as well (I’ve always wanted to do a review for I’m Scared of Girls, heh), just don’t expect literary genius in my writing!

During the project, I read the comments that accumulated on the project page. The one that caught my eye was about the “messy” maps and strange event blocks. This was due to broken chipsets that we created ourselves years ago by using an emulator and time. What we didn’t have those years ago was the skill we have/had now. We were going to fix this, but as of this post, it will sadly not come to light, but I thank you for pointing it out and even offering your help. :)

Even though my confidence and faith in my abilities are temporarily shocked, expect some surprises sometime in the future.

If you have read all of this, I personally thank you for your time. I am down but not out!

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Progress Report

Back in the Game

It's been a while, hasn't it? Sorry for yet another delay, things have been a bit rocky for me personally for the past several months. If any of you know me from the other RPG Maker forum I frequent, you will probably know the reason for my absence from both RMN and this project. Also due to my time away, a lot of the team helping me with the project have either moved on to other projects, or just moved on altogether. I hope I can soon get back into full swing with this project and get some of the team back helping me as well.

Anyway, to actual updates:

I have begun eventing the CMS for the project. There are a few things missing from the main menu, but everything is in working order except for the Inventory and Equipment sub-menus, which will take a while to finish.

Currently Missing from Menu:

  • Next Level Experience
  • Job Name
  • Job Level
  • Job Experience/Next Level
  • Step Counter (Pictures needimplementing)
  • Gil Counter (Pictures need implementing)

I also have a new spriter eager to work on custom monsters for this project, so expect to see new foes sometime soon!

Also thank you to the members who are still subscribed to this project. It's a great feeling to know that some of you have been as patient as I couldn't ever imagine. :)


Haha, what?

So I made a deal with one of the spriters for V-II; I said if he can sprite three jobs for Mog, I will write him into the story, this does not mean he will only have three jobs, I asked this amount just so I know this won't be another delay on the project. If I DO go ahead with this if he does his part of the deal, this means I will have to add a party switching system to the game, it won't be anything fancy, but it will be a feature that was not in the original Final Fantasy V game.

And yes, this is Krile's Moogle. :X



Tiny Video Update - New Title Screen Concept. Plus Info about the next demo!

The track used is only a placeholder and will be replaced on demo release (hopefully)

Don't you hate seeing the same screen for RPG Maker games? Well, after experimenting with a hack thanks to Cherry, I have been able to create on with a more "dynamic" feel.

The quality of the pictures used in this video is very low due to it only being a test. In the released version, the pictures will be in a higher quality.

Visit Cherry's Site:

This and the second demo will be released sometime next week.

Just to give a you guys a bit of info about it; the scenario will take place at the beginning of the game (oh wow, really!?) instead of the Wind Shrine. While I was thinking of allowing players to use the save files they have from the demo, I decided against it and just have the demo start at the point it was supposed to: at the beginning.

Believe me, I am actually looking for to releasing it as well.


Oh wow, I still exist?

Well hello RMN, long time no see! I guess I deserve the subscribed members an explanation about my disappearance.

A few months ago, I suddenly stopped updating the game's information on RMN, RMRK and YouTube. This happened due to college work...and lots of it. I have been studying for my final mark in these past few months, which is why this happened. While I was inactive in the RPG Maker community, tezukake.org went down without a warning from my web or domain host, leaving a few of you confused about what happened to the site and the game's web page.

Before I began my long run of inactivity, I uploaded a very short demo of FFV-II showing some of the sprite work and storyline. As the blog post says below this one, I fumbled and I uploaded one with the party position in the incorrect place. Luckily I was able to catch this before stopping work on the project for a while, unfortunately I didn't check if RMReckor only took out the resources that were not being used, which it didn't and wasn't noticed until only a few weeks ago when I was lurking one night. Even after catching this error, I decided not to upload a demo or fix for this due to the how much time I had at that particular moment.

With the Easter break here, I decided to do a bit of work on the project in the free time I have at during the break. I will not be working on it as fast I was before stopping, but I will definitely be doing something towards it, hopefully being able to release an updated version of the demo available at the moment, a "Special Edition" as you will.

For the people who are still subscribed to this project; thank you and I hope we will have something to give you soon for your patience. =)

Oh and about my college work at the moment, I'm on an A- for my Higher English and DMM (ABB) for my IT Design and Programming.



The demo had more bugs than I imagined, even having some that made the game almost unplayable.

I am uploading a fixed version now, be sure to download the "fixed" version of the alpha tech demo.


Final Fantasy V-II OST: World Map

The video says it all.


No but seriously...demo coming your way.

First I apologize for my blunder for "Release Something" last time, I was short for time and other things popped up, including bugs.


I've decided to release a tiny demo in a couple of weeks time, just to show the basics of the game. It will feature one dungeon, a boss, one working job up to level two, and two characters in the party.

Like I said the demo will be small and is only to help people get the grasp of it before the later demo/full release. You won't be alone, though, you will have a guide which will tell you how to use the job system and how AP is earned.

Don't worry, your guide will be kind...and feathery!

Oh and I corrected most, if not all grammar mistakes on the front page. Please let me know if you spot any. Thanks! =)


FFV-II June 20th Event release coming your way!

It looks like I'll have to speed up this project due to the event, this does not mean I will be rushing, it just means I will be putting much more time into this project than I have been so far.

Actually, there are two things I can do, and I think one would be much more enjoyable than the other, but you'll have to wait and see what they are.

The team for the project have been away for quite a while now, which means I can release something on the day of the event, but it maybe limited due to half of the team going AWOL.

Music at the moment is still questionable, as the person which maybe able to compose some of the music is busy with his own projects, which I can fully respect and I don't expect him to stop or slow down what he is doing for something else.

On the whole, we'll just have to see what comes out on June 20th.

More updates soon.
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