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This is it.

  • Tezuka
  • 07/22/2012 12:04 AM
Well, this is it. The blog entry I never wanted to make, no matter how much I tried to keep the project alive, but sadly it was inevitable due to the consequences.

I will explain.

Over the past year or so now, my personal life and career took a...detour to what I was aiming for, which left me in a state that left me pretty down and, dare I say it, suicidal. Just to let you know before I carry on, things have become a LOT better and things have picked up lately so “those” tendencies are gone. But why am I ending/indefinite postponing this project?
My confidence. With what happened to me and what I did to myself, I have lost confidence in my abilities as a leader of this project and a “game designer”. In my current state, I do not want to make a half-assed sub-sequel to a game I love, it wouldn’t be right for both you guys as fans of both the project and the original game, and me. This project has been a good on-and-off ride for me; I’ve worked with amazingly talented music and graphical artists who helped me 110%, always willing to help me when they had the time. As I write this, I still feel bad for postponing this project; it was something I worked on and designed for six years. Imagine; I was 15 when I first came up with this! Which kind of explains some of the mess with mapping, but I’ll come back to that near the end.

During my time on RMN, I have gathered a bit of knowledge from members here, got recognition for FFV-II and even met with a valued team member here. I will still try to be active and around, I’ll probably try and give a few reviews as well (I’ve always wanted to do a review for I’m Scared of Girls, heh), just don’t expect literary genius in my writing!

During the project, I read the comments that accumulated on the project page. The one that caught my eye was about the “messy” maps and strange event blocks. This was due to broken chipsets that we created ourselves years ago by using an emulator and time. What we didn’t have those years ago was the skill we have/had now. We were going to fix this, but as of this post, it will sadly not come to light, but I thank you for pointing it out and even offering your help. :)

Even though my confidence and faith in my abilities are temporarily shocked, expect some surprises sometime in the future.

If you have read all of this, I personally thank you for your time. I am down but not out!

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if i had an allowance, i would give it to rmn
Maybe a team or something can keep this project up and running? I would love to see this project finished!
Well, this is rather sad news. I'm not much of a fan of fan-games, but it was still nice to see FF5 getting some love for a change.

But you know what they say, "never say never". Maybe someday you can pick this up again, or maybe doing something better...

Either way, best of lucks to you, man. =)
I would love for this to somehow be continued... :( Like Adon said, maybe a team. :(

FFV is probably my favorite (or at least up there in the top 5) RPG's of all time; I'm going to be sad to see what was a very promising fan game go... Well, best of luck in whatever future endeavors!
The Binary code translated:

"If we work together in unity, we will be able to see sharper than ever and make our Final Fantasy..."

That just makes me even sadder about this... *sniffles*

But seriously, I wish the best for you along with your future ventures and goals. I'm eager to see your aforementioned "surprises", in whatever shape or form they'll be in.
I would try to make this but I don t know how to make RPG's its a shame to because I have all the time in the world if I knew how I could work on one all day if some one taught me how plus I have rpg maker xp and vx Ace.
I would try to make this but I don t know how to make RPG's its a shame to because I have all the time in the world if I knew how I could work on one all day if some one taught me how plus I have rpg maker xp and vx Ace.

head to the forums from the community tab at the top of the page, and there should be a section for RPGmaker tutorials and beginner guides. they''ll be glad to help!I think.
Hi Tezuka are you still working on this game? If you are not can I finish it?
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