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Q. Why make a fangame? Why not be original?
A. For one, I LOVED Final Fantasy V and I see this more of a tribute than a fangame. Secondly, I asked members of RMRK before going forward with this project and as you can see, they wanted me to go forward with it.

Q. How would the Job System work?
A. In RPG Maker 2003, no scripting can be used, so it is all done using events, variables and switches.

Q. Why RPG Maker 2003? RPG Maker XP has way better graphics!
A. EXACTLY. I chose RM2003 because of the graphics. The graphics used in the orginal Final Fantasy V were very similar to RPG Maker 2003's.

Q. What are the new Jobs?
A. The only ones I am going to tell you about are Dark Knight and Paladin, the rest are a secret. =o