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Concept Cache #1

  • Pancake
  • 12/19/2017 08:45 AM
These images are scanned from a strategy guide for the original game released in 1995.

General concept art. Ashina Kingdom's battle mechs with Galmania's princess Donea (or is that Lou?) portrayed in the middle.

More strange general art. Is that a bird on her head?

Some Geo enemies. The water beast on the lower right isn't in the game.

A few Angel enemies and a huge cool dragon you momentarily transform into late in the game.

NPC concepts. These are for Ashina Kingdom's denizens. In the original game, they only included the bottom ones to stand for almost all general NPCs.


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The more I learn about this game the more obvious it becomes that it could have been quite a franchise! It's a shame J-Force went defunct when it did and that Banpresto had a somewhat dubious track record for RPGs.
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