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In a world, where monsters take many forms, one boy is fated to change everything forever. It all begins with Lexar, who has a dream given to him by the god Zukan. In this dream, Zukan commands the boy to become his champion, and take up arms against the legions of monsters. Lexar is not entirely willing to do this, believing that humans and monsters can coexist peacefully. Is Lexar's fate tied to Zukan's will, or will he be able to choose his own path?

Notes on gameplay
-You don't start with any money. Interact with objects like chests and pots for some loot. Talking to Mai at the Magic Shop in Tsugi City is highly recommended, as she will give players a decent amount of pocket change!

-Some skills cannot be used unless a certain weapon is equipped!

-The color, or shape, of a chest sometimes gives a hint as to it's contents.
square wooden box curative item
large red box equipment (Stuff you can equip)
blue box locked (only a certain character can open it)
iron box money (Use this wisely)
gold box key item (Be sure to not miss them)
green box Cursed Berry (You will get stronger if you ate this)
small red box skill book, or scrolls (You will learn new skill!)
wooden chest Chest of Hope (maybe?)

Latest Blog

Devil Boy Quest Patch for IMBA

Deer, it's me Perang Cemen, I'm here because some or lot's people get troubled with IMBA, IMBA mean Imbalance, IMBA what I mean is bug, example: when Mira join you at Kaelo her Agi was so low, you know why? because Cecila cast freeze spell at her and the only way to make her Agi return to normal by meet with Cecila again at Zukaru, the problem is what if you can't find her and skip it, Mira will stuck in her low Agi and you will be in trouble since you may need her help, there also side quest that make Lexar MaxHp drop to 1 and return to normal after quest done, the same problem is what if you can't finish the side quest and skip it? Lexar MaxHp will stuck in 1 and you're done for, that's why I create a patch to remove those include some quest and story.

I know it sound's silly but at first I didn't think that someone would be so stupid to take side quest but didn't finish it ASAP, instead of clear it ASAP they just go to main story and then stuck or you can say can't go back to clear the side quest, the problem is when the side quest lower your stats and you go with that and trapped in a main story where you must fight boss or something like that, this will be a big problem, so I... remove those side quest, and anything related to lowering stats or these IMBA.

I'm Really sorry if you have download it before 30/04/2018 since you may need this patch to make your lowered stats return to normal.
->Click me for patch file<-

(You don't have to download it if you wish to play full version, it will be automatic fixed, but if you want try Mira at Demo, very recommended to download it)

Thank you for your attention

~Perang Cemen
  • Production
  • Commercial
  • Perang_Cemen
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
  • Adventure RPG
  • 11/20/2017 11:54 PM
  • 05/19/2018 05:27 AM
  • 04/04/2018
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This game looks like fun. I love the artwork. Did you draw it yourself?
Some I draw myself (any artwork that's looks weird)
the rest are Rfrf (friend of mine on other forum)
anyway thanks! <3
(right now actually my friend Rfrf try to fix all of my weird artwork XD)
wew good job bro, klo bisa jgn bayar haha tar gua maeinin di channel gua
Make game is not free, even so I wish I could make it free but I didn't doing this project alone, if I had enough donation I might make it free but I don't have enough, so be sure to donate a lot for my next project so I could make it free.

Don't read anything below expect you understand infromal indo.

Hargailah para gamedev yang telah meluangkan waktu, pikiran, dan tenaga, demi membuat karya yang luar biasa.
Lgian jg nih game gua jwl bakal modal buat game yang selanjutnya, dia tidak tau kalau gua ngutang ama tetangga buat bisa bayar orang ama bayar resource.
makanya berikan gua donasi sebanyak-banyak nya supaya gua bisa bikin game gra gra gratissssssssssssssssssss....

i think i'm stuck. i can't seem to enter any building except the colosseum. i'm always teleported to the inn whenever i try to enter any building and stuck in a black tile. the main story requires me to go to the inn now and i can't trigger the event because of that. is there anything i can do to fix this?
Did you use older version? that problem of yours seems you either play older version of the game or used old save file data or something like that, I have check them and nothing seems wrong in BETA, but I very sure it was problem of ALPHA version, if you didn't meet with Dauna in Mizu then you use ALPHA version which has some bugs.

Anyway let me know what version you use, if you use BETA then I'll check it again else I suggest you to download the BETA version.

And thanks for telling me this, I really appreciate it.
~Perang Cemen
i just redownloaded the file and yes, it seems that i used the alpha version.
the game won't allow me to use the alpha save file though. is there any way for me to convert the save so i can use it in beta version?
I can give tons of reason, but let's us skip that and say Alpha Save should be deleted and you have to start a new in Beta, sorry about that I'm myself found lot's bug if Alpha Save used for Beta there will be fatal error in battle in opening menu and many more, I don't want to bore you with that so...
Just start a new game in Beta version.
Try to hire Dauna if you want to progress the game a bit faster.
(She inside a cave in a Mountain Rock, and you need Mantep Potion x1 for her)

Note: I'm not master of program so I dunno how to convert the save file or something like that, so that is not possible for alpha save used for beta.

If you have another problem with the game let me know.
~Perang Cemen
i see. it sucks that i have to discard my ~5h of playtime just like that though, so i guess i'll just put this game on placeholder for now and play it later when i'm in mood to do it.
thanks for the reply btw. :)
Sure, if you play it again and have anything in mind let me know. :)
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