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Hero Hero Panic will be a battle-centric RPG. You will build and customize your party from dozens of heroes and tons of unique items! Can you survive the combat challenges and unlock the greatest rewards and treasure the game has to offer?

Hero Hero Panic is a battle RPG played straight. You'll face off against a large cast of dangerous villains, vicious bosses, and a plethora of battle environments as you strike, cast, and buff your way to victory! Recruit many heroes, all of them with their unique skills and diverse play styles. Customize their gear according to your liking, unlock unique relics and powers, and build the most powerful party that can overcome any challenge!

Complete quests, explore Everdawn City, and discover the mysteries of the Everdawn Crisis! Will you create the most powerful crew of hero heroes this world has ever known?

Welcome to Everdawn City...

Strange things are afoot in the world of Hero Hero Panic. It seems as if everything changed over night. A couple weeks ago, everyone woke up to the shocking reality that all of the men have mysteriously disappeared! At the same time, heroes from other dimensions are being ushered into this world with no explanation! What's the cause of this chaos? How are other heroes crossing into this realm? Who's responsible for the disappearance of the men, and more importantly, can they ever be recovered?

You are Rin, a fighter being hunted by villains who are attempting to seize control of the city. Teaming up with a renown city hero, Katsa, and her workaholic sidekick Aigus, Rin sets out to recruit an army of heroes to push back the villain's grip on the city while getting to the bottom of the mystery of disappearing men.


  • Explore Everdawn City. A beautiful city by the beach, Everdawn City is home to many colorful characters. You will meet unique persons, explore unique events and locales, and discover secrets in this feature-rich environment.
  • Dozens of characters, all with their own unique skills and diverse focuses!
  • Tons of treasure and gear to collect to customize your party of heroes!
  • Enter the Arena, and battle in dangerous environments, such as the fire field, quake field, toxic field, and even different realms which affect skill usage! Can you beat the greatest challenges the arena has to offer?
  • Characters and villains from other games I've made return alongside an original cast! Can you recruit them all and befriend them to learn their stories?
  • Custom graphics designed by yours truly.

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I have run into some




I started out this project to make a simple battling RPG game, and I kept adding more and more to it. Long story short, a lot of features have creeped up into this game, and it's resulted in my burnout.

So! That being said, there's a few things that I may have to put to the chopping block, such as the relationship system.

How it (the feature creep) began

It began early, with the meter underneath the player window, as illustrated in this screenshot.

An early screenshot, where Katsa explains a little bit about the relationship meter: in this particular instance, she is referring to how Aigus doesn't particularly care about the protagonist.

This was something I wanted early on, because the purpose of the feature was to provide 1. extra missions from particular characters, 2. potentially unlocking additional characters, and 3. unlocking bonus lore and art.

This has become such a huge, spiraling web of detail, that I feel I'll never get done with this feature until the game is launched. Until further notice, I feel I will have to cut out the relationship meter. This progress-hindering feature, however, isn't the only thing that is burning me out.

A world too big

This interaction may have to take place elsewhere, or be nixed entirely.

Surprisingly, characters are the least difficult aspect to implement. While not all of the skills are completely worked out, I have a decent set of templates I can transform to make some interesting skillsets.

There are, however, a few things halting my progress in this picture.
1: The environment
2: The cutscene itself
3: The large character art

Too many environments

The environment itself isn't that bad, the problem is, there's too many environments in this game. Far too many. I find myself creating tons of backgrounds, none of which look particularly striking. This environment is accessed, for example, by going through a park area, which is linked to the central hub, where a local can be spoken with who unlocks this pond. As you may tell, there's an awful lot of pieces I have to put into place, and at the end of the day, Trout Woman is not even a main character, she's a secret unlock-able character.

Too many cutscenes

Speaking of cutscene, that's another major drain. Coming up with cutscenes for individual characters is a massive undertaking. I need to create their story, their lore, and involve them in cutscenes. Let's take another character for example.

As I said before, yes I know it's not spelled this way.

This is a character you meet early on. As you can tell, the name can be customized. She will be involved in certain cutscenes early on, and her personality will change depending on your choices.

And that's a tall order. There's far too many cutscenes where she appears, and far too much branching dialogue that decides whether she likes you or not. And say you go through the dialogue and get her to like you, then she even has a personal quest! It's a bit much. And that's not including the art.

Too much art

And then, there's another huge time sink that's really slowing me down. This game has so much artwork.

Her relationship meter should just be changed to a sign which says, "Why even bother".

Not only did I make the art for her face in the upper left, but I have a much larger image for her during cutscenes (!) not to mention the background I made. This game simply has too much art, and with all of the demands I put into myself, I simply don't have the time to churn out cutscene art at the time being. There's just too much work to be done. I'll have to cut back on a lot of these. Which means I may just stick to character portraits (the window in the upper left) or party portraits.

So what does this mean going forward?

It means that I'm going to have to trim a good bit of features out of the game. Less cutscenes, less art, less story, less all around features. What will I have at the end? Hopefully something worth playing. Cutting down on these features means I'll have to really polish up the battle system and core gameplay. Maybe that's a good thing.

Maybe the game won't be too bad with less art. After all, my art is simply not very good.

What do you think of these changes? What do you think about the problem of feature creep? I hope these features haven't lost be subscriptions. If I've lost you as a subscriber, I am so sorry, and I hope the final product brings you back!

I look forward to hearing your thoughts!


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Hey, thanks so much! I hope to definitely have something ready by the end of the event. I hope to release a decent sized demo, if not the full game. We'll see!
Hello Gredge.
Good luck with the game.Looks interesting.Gonna follow this.
Thanks kenlan! I hope you enjoy what I release this Sunday! I've been putting in some long nights to get all these systems in place. So far everything is coming along very well. Still got a bit of balancing to do, and I'm not done implementing all the features, but should have a good bit of content ready shortly!
Goodness, I've been wanting to make a game like this since I'd gotten into a Disgaea fix months prior! Best of luck with the project, and can't wait to give it a shot!
Thanks! It's a lot of hard work, but what I have right now is fun to play. I just gotta add more content (more monsters, more gear, more stories, more dungeon environments).

In a way I feel good I couldn't submit this for the event in time. I think everyone would have enjoyed a good demo, but what I actually release will have a bit more polish now.

I have several of my characters in the game so you can put your own party together. There's different ways to unlock them (story quests, pwrsonal quests, exploration), and I want to make sure a good portion of them are accessible in the demo.
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