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Warning: Spoilers below. Only read this when you're really stuck.

Chapter 2:
To revive the cursed girl:
Find the moonstone in a certain cave.

How to get pass Lady Constantinedes at Karela Fort:
You don't! You need to open the gate at the top of the room.

Chapter 4:
Escape the chamber of riddles:
Find the distortion on the wall after you've saved the sailor.

To open the monastery back door, you need:
1. 3 invitation letters and 3 cubes - (Watchtower, Gorge's Peak and Vladmir missions).
2. A special spell - (Go to Vasily's house when you have all letters and cubes).
Remember to open on the right day and time with the spell.

Open Sophia's door. How to get all 7 persuasion points:
(Highlight text to reveal).
This order:
1. Talk to Edna in the dining room.
2. Get the medicine for the governess.
3. Read Emilia's diary in her secret hideout.
4. Talk to Lady Lizbeth. Find Erika: Laundry room, top floor, outside.
5. Buy the potion from the woman in the library.
6. After watchtower, missing dog and Gorge's Peak missions, go to 2F Lucky Pharmacy. Beat Delphinia at the guild then have her analyse the potion.
7. Talk to the guy who sells rat meat in the park after buying the potion from the woman.

How to open Sophia's door after getting 7 points:
2nd answer,3rd,6th,1st,4th

Approx. location of all pictures from the gallery:
(Highlight text to reveal).
1. Risa's house.
2. Watchtower.
3. News board, capital.
4. Maria's house, Kazahlin.
5. Boy near west gate or Chancellery entrance.
6. Girl, Kazahlin.
7. Overworld, mountains.
8. Waterfall cave, letter.
9. Lighthouse, top.
10. Camp with Karys.
11. Just before chamber of spirits, book.
12. Console, factory boss.
13. Siege of Artisala.
14. Monastery, prayer room.
15. Catacombs entrance.
16. Open sea.

Psychic combat/Guild quest tips:
1. Having a high atk weapon equipped makes it easier and increases battle power.
2. It is very important that you get criticals (when it is fully inside the circle), deals more damage and makes the battle really short.
3. Picture A and S at the top, Z and X at the bottom in your mind.

How to get to Delphinia:

How to get the ring from the pink forest sprite:
Use steal