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This is a simple walkthrough of how to complete the main story with the minimum effort, ignoring all the optional side quests and activities.
For information on how to complete all the sidequests, CLICK HERE...

<Prologue: Karmic Destiny>

If you skip the prologue, you will get the average outcome from default answers.
The best answers are:
I want to rely on my own strength and not others.
No, as long as they learn how to use it.
God is the one who is weak.
Yes, in order for good to exist.
God's interference is unhelpful.
This will allow you to start with the Celestial Sarafan. The best base stats for the player and the ultimate final skill at the end.

<Chapter 1: Mouse Trap>

Risa's House
Go downstairs and kill the raider.
Go down to the basement and flip the switch to open the small room.
Get dagger in the cupboard.
Equip dagger before going back up.
Exit house.

Gailport (outside)

Go right then down, then left. You will see a large group of soldiers.
Do not approach or you will start an impossible battle.
Instead, go down and defeat the circling soldiers.
On the right, you will see an unconscious old man. Speak to him.
Defeat the soldier that ambushes you.
The battle with the acolyte is a scripted defeat.
On the 2nd attempt, you will use skill ???? automatically to defeat him.
After the acolyte is killed, continue down.

World Map (near Gailport)

Go south across Aina Bridge until you reach Kazahlin.


Go to the church and speak to the sister next to the village elder. (Starts: Hornet's Blindness).
Go to Maria's house and speak to her.
Speak to Maria's husband, Pavel, standing at the right edge of Kazahlin. Pavel will join you.
Continue east to go back to the world map. Go to the abandoned mine.

Abandoned mine

The Darkfalfa Pollen is in the top right corner of the map. Get it before exiting.
Defeat the Shadowbat Queen.

Back to Kazahlin

Speak to Maria to get the medicine.
Speak to the Sister in the church to save the village elder.
You will get a cutscene with the village elder.
Go to the broken bridge and speak to the woman. (Starts: Bridge to the Forest)
Get her hammer in her house, west of Kazahlin. It is in the cupboard at the top.
Buy the box of nails from the shop.
Speak to the woman again to fix the bridge.
Go south to enter Koshi Forest.

Koshi Forest

Go all the way east, then cross the bridge. There is a save point in the house at the top.
Go south pass the wolf, then cross the pebbled bridge.
Travel all the way west then down. You will be captured by an orc.
Karys will join you. Defeat the Elsean Priest.
Exit the forest at the bottom left corner of the map.

<Chapter 2: Escape>

World Map (near Somensk)

There is a save point in Morbinka.
Do not go near Somensk.
Cross Sona bridge to get to Merrin Forest.

Merrin Forest

Defeat the imp at the steps then go up into the cave. You will see a girl.
Try to revive the girl then talk to the dog. (Starts: Girl with the Curse)
The dog will try to tell you to search the bones in the cave near the marsh.
Exit cave, then go down across the bridge.
Do not talk to the girl pleading for help. It is a trap!
Continue south to get a cutscene.
Go east and you will see a treehouse (save point).
South of treehouse are some steps. Go down them to the next map.
There will be a fork in the road. Go east.
Work your way up until you get to the marsh with the bridge.
Easiest way to defeat the ogre is with electrokinesis.
Continue north to the Spirit Cave.

Spirit Cave

Search the skeleton for the Moonstone. You will need this to revive the girl.
Place the heirloom on the pedestal to wake up Nezumi.
Go back to the cave with the girl and dog, and place the Moonstone on the girl to revive her.
Anya and Olev will join you.

Merrin Forest

Go back to the fork in the road, and go south this time to the bottom right of the forest.
Snake your way down to the bottom of the map pass the big waterfall.
The boulder that was in the way can be moved by Anya's wind magic.
When you get to the bottom of the forest, you will get to a military checkpoint where you get thrown in prison.

Karela Fort (Dungeon)

The north wall of the prison cell collapses during the siege of the fort. Escape through the crack in the wall.
Go right, then down until you see some stairs.
Up the stairs, you will need Nezumi to get the keys.
The keys are in the top right corner of the room.
Avoid the cat or you will get game over.
Once you get the keys, go through the gate at the top.

Work your way round the map to the save point in the bottom right.
Go up the stairs to the chapel and defeat Khava. Get the room key in the chest.
Go back 1 map, there is a locked door at the top. Open it with the key.
Press the switch in the room then exit room.
At the top of the map, there is another switch.
These 2 switches will unlock the 2 gates in the middle of the map.
Go down through the middle corridor then up the stairs.

Top of the map, the switch unlocks the gate at the right, which leads back to the chapel.
You will return here later.
Go down, the ceiling will collapse and you will be separated from everyone. Go up the stairs.

Karela Fort (Ground Floor)

Go all the way up along the corridors. Then go left. The door on the right can only be unlocked on the other side.
Make your way to the bottom left of the map. There is a room.
Do not go out through the main door. Constantinedes will kill you.
In the bottom half of the room, the switch will open the gate that gives you access to the top half of the previous map.
At the top is a switch, which opens the gate on the far right.
Go through here then go right, up the spiral staircase. There is a save point if you go down them.

Next, you will meet up with Anya and Olev.
Go to the room where they came from and press the switch to open the gate in the previous map.
Next, spiral down the map on the left then up the stairs to the save point.
Go through the big door.

<Chapter 3: Betrayal>

Karela Fort (Boss room to Catacombs)

When Nezumi says "remember what Nezumi taught you", choose Accelerated Healing to escape death.
Karys will rejoin you before fighting Marius.
Natalya will join you after Marius is defeated. (Starts: Into the Depths)
Talk to Olev near the exit for him to rejoin the party. You will need 4 people.

Go back down the stairs then go right.
Karys will have the ability to extinguish flames. Use this to go to the next room on the right.
The secret stairs is behind the second banner on the north wall.
Go down the secret stairs to the sewers.
When you get to the bottom of the sewers, open the gate.
Press the switch to exit the room. You will be back at the junction with the chapel on the right.
Go back to the chapel and unlock the gate on the right.
This is the entrance to the catacombs.

Push the red orb on the red button; blue orb on the blue button. The gate will open.
Next room, the crack on the bottom right leads to a save point in a tomb.
Go south and you will be in the catacombs.


Light all the torches and press all switches to deactivate the spike traps and gates.

Make your way to the room with the statues. This is on the next map on the right.
Push the statues in the slots in this order: Ankhanessa, Isis, Ayrasamon. Press the bottom switch.
This will allow you to pass the Chamber of Spirits unharmed.

Go back to the first catacomb map and go south.
Open the book next to the save point for important clues on how to pass the Trails of God.

Chamber of Spirits: This should be safe to pass if you've done the statues already.
Chamber of Her Holiness: Remain at least 2 tiles from the Ankhanessa statues. Ignore the Silvia statues.
Chamber of Beast: Face off the creature and avoid using fire attacks.
Chamber of the Sun: Do not stand on the light.

After passing the Trials of God, you will see another orb puzzle. Same solution, match the colours.
Go through the door, up the stairs, press the switch and you will come out of the catacombs into the Ruined Church.
Exit the area in the south.

<Chapter 4: Revelation>

(Starts: Pegasus)
Enter the capital, Artisala, on the left. You will be in the Market District.
Go to the Flying Dog Inn. Rent a room from the innkeeper then up the stairs. Go into the room on the left.
Use the save point to start a cutscene.
Go back downstairs and speak to the boy in the top-right corner.
Rauf will join you.
Go outside then go north to the Military District.
Look at the job board, then choose the watchtower mission. (Starts: Liberate the Watchtower)
Go to the Amaryllis Knight's HQ in the Market District. Speak to the captain on the 2nd floor.
Make your way to the Northern Watchtower.

Northern Watchtower

You will need to make your way up to the 10th floor.
On the 8th floor, get the watchtower room key in the book case.
Defeat Zorg on the 9th floor.
Get the cube and prison cell key on the 10th floor.
Use the cell key to free the soldier on the 2nd floor.
Use the room key to free the soldiers in the room on the 1st floor.
Return to the captain when all soldiers are rescued.

Choose Missing Dog at the job board. Go to the wooden house in the Market District. (Starts: Missing Dog)
Return the dog (Olev) to his owner, Vasily.

Go to Pern, a village west of the capital.
Enter the house on the left. Up the stairs to find the sailor and woman.
He will direct you to Gorge's Peak.

Gorge's Peak

Go as far up as possible until you get to some steps with the headless Silvia statue.
Halfway up the steps, go left until you see a hidden cave. Enter it.
Inside the cave, you will see a barrier and a decapitated head, with a rock in the middle of some water.
Enter the number on Jonny's Note (See journal or key items) using the rock. The barrier will deactivate.
Go north, down the steps, then right down more steps.
You will see a save point behind a locked gate. Go all the way down and through the door at the bottom.

Chamber of Darkness

In this chamber, you will need to jump to the top of the map to the sailor.
Throw the orbs in the coloured lights matching the colours with the orb. The Chaos creature will wake up.
Jump back down to the bottom of the map quickly, avoiding the Chaos creature.

Chamber of Solitude

This is a sliding puzzle.
Slide to the platform with the boulder.
Push the boulder all the way to the right so that you can reach the switch.
This will unlock the bottom portion of the map.
When you start sliding down to the bottom part, go R,U,L,U,L,D,R,U,L.
You will get to the Ship's surgeon.
Then go R,D,R to get to the far platform.
Using the other ice block, go U,L,U,R,U, then LEFT then up along the ice path, then left to the switch.
Press the switch, and not waste time in this area.
Go back to the far platform and repeat U,L,U,R,U, then RIGHT this time to get to the exit portal.

Chamber of Riddles

You need to open the portals by answering riddles or face an enemy.
You can get them wrong on purpose to get some xp.
AVOID the black portals. They are really impossible!

This is the easiest route:
Yellow: Gets answered automatically.
Green: Both
Green: Once
Yellow: 4 Ducks
Next room:

Middle Yellow: 2 Oranges
Red: 194

Next room:
Blue on the right: 5
Talk to the sailor. The black portal in the previous room on the right will turn yellow.
Answer this portal: 80081355. In the room is a distortion. Enter it.

Jump down to the bottom. Next area, use the same code on Jonny's note to exit the distortion.

Gorge's Peak Cave

Go north. In this area, stay at least 2 paces from the torches. Touch the man to kill him.
Get the key from him, and the 2nd cube and letter in the chest.
Exit area then unlock the gate.
On the right is a locked gate. Open it and rescue Victoria and the last sailor.
Victoria will join you.
Go back out to Gorge's Peak to get a cutscene.


Go back to the job board and pick the Vladmir mission. (Starts: Vladmir)
Go to the Government District and talk to the guard at the gate of the Chancellery. Enter the building.
After the head maid and Vice-Chancellor cutscene, go up to the 3rd floor and find Sophia's room.
You will need 7 persuasion points to open the door.

Do the following in the exact order to get the points:
1. Talk to Edna in the dining room 1st floor.
2. Get the medicine for the governess:
Governess on the 1st floor in the study room. Get her prescription in her room on the 3rd floor.
Speak to her again. Go to Lucky Pharmacy to get her medicine. Speak to the Governess in her room.
3. Read Emilia's diary in her secret hideout.
The bottom right room on the 3rd floor has a loose panel. Remove it.
Climb into the ventilation shaft. Push the boxes and dolls to get to the diary at the centre.
Clockwise is the only possible route to the diary.
4. Talk to Lady Lizbeth. Find Erika: Laundry room, top floor, outside near the boat.
5. Buy the potion from the woman in the library/magic shop at the military district.

Go to the Lucky Pharmacy. The man blocking the stairs will be gone.
Go up and speak to the Psion-Kais. Defeat Kori at psychic combat.
Go to the Psion Guild in the Market District.

Psion Guild

6. Enter the guild and speak to the caretaker to reveal the portal.
Defeat all the Espers and get to Delphinia.
This is the route to Delphina:
Enter the first portal, top-left, top-right, down, bottom-right, bottom-right.
Defeat Delphinia then talk to her about the potion.

7. Go to the park in the Government District and speak to the man selling rat-meat.

All 7 persuasions points will be found at this point. Go back to Sophia's Room.
Correct answers are, Vladmir, Twinned Snakes, Perdalynn Tonic, Chaos Worshippers.
Emilia is missing, Vladmir is the victim, John is the mastermind.
This will persuade Sophia to open the door. Speak to her.

John's House

Found at the bottom left of the Market District.
Enter 31542 to open the door.
Go to the 2nd floor to find the safe.
The combination is the current year, month and day in YYMMDD.
If year is 6064 month 2 day 8 then combination would be 640208.
Get the factory key in the safe.

The Factory

Found in the Military District. Use the factory key to open the door.
Go right then down to the room with the 2 workers. Go all the way right to get to a room with steam.
Press the switch to turn off the top steam.
Go back left, then up the right to get to the stairs behind the gate. Go up the ladder next to it.
Walk along the pipes to the left.
Go down then right to get to a red valve. Turn it.
Go back left, then back up then left. The steam blocking the path will be gone.
Climb the ladder to the next floor.

On this floor, go south and unlock the door. Rescue Emilia.
Back to the corridor, go right across the bridge with the boxes, then down the stairs.
You will get to the lower floor with the hidden technology.
Open the metal door after defeating the worker.

Go up until you meet John. Defeat the Mega Droid.
Search the metal briefcase for the 3rd letter.
You will hear voices telling you to press the red button on the right side of the room.
Escape south and you will be teleported out to the world map near Artisala.

Go back to Sophia and talk to her. Emilia will give you the final cube.

Breaking into the Monastery

Speak to Vasily in the Market District.
Buy Paprika, Onion and chicken at the market stall selling food.
Go back to Vasily so he can make the sandwich.
Go to Pern then go right to the next area.
Speak to the left guard at the entrance to the big tent. Give sandwich and he'll go away.
Enter the big tent. You will get a cutscene with the General.

Go to the lighthouse, north east of the capital. The door will be unlocked.
Speak to the man on the 2nd floor. He will ask you to recover a ring.

Go back to Gorge's Peak. Where the path splits, go left and you will be in an area with dead grass on the top left.
Walk in the dead grass to start the fight with the Pink Forest Sprite.
Use Risa's Steal skill to get the ring. If it escapes/killed, walk in the dead grass again.
When you have the ring, go back to the man in the lighthouse. He will tell you how to get into the monastery and give you a spell.

Entering the Monastery

Wait into day Hora, between 9pm-midnight. Use the skip time at the save point in the inn.
Go to the back of the monastery near the river, and open the door with the 3 cubes and spell.

Inside the monastery, walk all the way down along the corridor, pass the window and get to the left corridor.
Go up the corridor and down the steps. You will see a sleeping priest. Interrogate him.
Go back to the window and go up to the pews. On the left side, go up the stairs to the clock tower.

Clock Tower

Do not walk in front of the statues when they are facing in your direction.
Go to the bottom room. Throw the orb on the button to get the chest. Get the key in the chest.
Back to the main room, use the key on the gate at the top. Press the switch in the room to activate the bridge to the portal.

Next floor, make your way to the top left corner and activate the switch.
Get to the portal by staying on the left side of the room and across at the bottom.

Next floor, collect all the silver bars to release the bridge to the portal.
Get the gold bars if you want but it will add more enemies in the room.

Near the top is a letters puzzle. You need to stand on the letters that spell out 1,2,3,4,5...12. (one...two...)

At the top of the clock tower, you need to defeat a Daathlord to turn off the black barriers.
Go back to the sleeping priest. The barrier will be gone.

Inner sanctum

Down the flight of stairs, then down again into a winding corridor. Get to the bottom where the save point is.
Instead of going down, go left to the cursed tomb with the flashing star.
Defeat the spirit of the Daathlord and press both switches.
Go back to the save point and go down this time. The bridge can be crossed but only on the left side.

<Chapter 5: The Maid of Artisala>

On the letters puzzle, spell out the names of the statues: Isis, Silvia, Ankhanessa, Apos.
You will now be in the inner sanctum of the monastery.
Try talking to the captain in the portal at the bottom. The Arch-Karden will appear.
Defeat her in the next room and get the sword.

Use the sword to release the captain. Break the barrier at the top.
Climb up and you will be in the Port District.

Escaping Artisala

(Starts: The Destined Encounter)
You need to get to the Pegasus.
Fight your way to the ship.

Once you're on the ship, sail east until you get to the naval blockade.
You will have to defeat all of Constantinedes' minions including herself.

Siege of Artisala

Kill 30 Elsean units, siege weapons and the Elsean General. They will run away.
Save and resupply before engaging in the final confrontation.

Final Confrontation

Defeat Bhekete and the Godeater
Enter the Godeater and defeat Damos' Heart and Brain.

Watch the ending cutscenes, credits and epilogue.

Congratulations, you have completed the game!