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Version 3.01 released

Journey to the East version 3.01
Join the game's discord channel: https://discordapp.com/invite/wwd6Yws

What's new?
- A new journal log in the menu to keep track of quests.
- Optional side quests to expand the lore of Eos.
- Anya's backstory and mission that brings closure to her character.
- Secret places and new areas to visit on the world map.
- More weapons, armours and items including powerful "dark weapons".
- More class skills, weaponskills and special skills.
- Added a variety of fun and challenging minigames and puzzles.
- New characters to interact with, and bosses to defeat.
- Updated the gallery to include more information.
- More in-battle voices and music.
- Unlockable TP modes throughout the game.
- An epilogue pre/post-credits.

I would not recommend using an old save file from a previous version.
Although, the main story should still work but the balancing will be off, and you'll miss out on the new features that 3.01 has to offer.

What's next?
This is a major update so please let me know if you find any bugs/glitches.
The sequel to this game will get a little update in the future so that the continuity, graphics etc, is more consistant with this one.

Thanks in advance for playing. Hope you will like the update.


Version 3.01 coming soon and discord

Version 3.01 coming soon:
- New journal system similar to the one in JTTE2.
- Optional mini-quests to expand the lore of Eos.
- New characters to interact with.
- Anya's backstory.
and more...

If you have any ideas or suggestions, please join the game's discord server and let us know.


Version 2.01 Released

This is the latest version of the game.
Some of the main changes are focused on stability and game performance.

Upgraded core scripts of the game engine.
Fixed a potential game breaking bug causing a save point to disappear.
Fixed house in Pern where you could exit it on the 2nd floor.
Corrected a typo in the riddles room.
Removed the preloader plugin which causes long loading times.
Removed "completion" on fast travel screen.
Psion Guild people now float during psychic duels.

*Since there was a lot of testing involved in making this update, please let me know if I accidently broke the game at any point, no matter how insignificant.


Update v.2.01 coming soon.

Currently working on the next version of this game to address stability issues and some things the players have picked up on.
I'll be updating the core MV scripts so it will solve the memory leak problem which causes random crashes on some computers. Therefore, it will have better RAM management.


Journey to the East 2 production started

The production on the sequel to Journey to the East has started.
The story will take place in the Ametarashi Federation where Karys has to save her friend.


Journey to the East v.1.03 Released

Focusing on gameplay mechanics and game progression.
v.1.03 Changelog:
- All weaponskill combos reduced to 5 correct input to activate next skill.
- All playable characters have full profiles, description and variables.
- Fixed all known typos, collisions and graphical issues.
- Revision on location of save points throughout the game.
- Nerfed some skills that gave the player too much advantage over the enemies.
- More challenging and improved boss AI.
- Some skills with the wrong animation has been fixed.
- Slightly easier Delphinia psychic duel.
- Cursed armor and knife have the correct properties.
- Replaced BGM that wasn't looping.
Old saves should still work, but the game might behave in a strange way at some places.


v1.02 Released (Fixes some bugs)

This is the latest version to address some bugs that were in v1.01.

- The safe in John's house will work beyond the last day of the 1st month.
- Hid the HP number for the penultimate boss since it wasn't displaying the right number.
- Chamber of Riddles: Got rid of a pointless battle, which is supposed to be instant gameover.
- All NPCs in Pern have dialogue.
- Minor dialogue corrections and some new dialogue.
- Weather changes before the final boss.
Old save games from 1.01 should work for 1.02.


v.1.01 Full game released.

I am pleased to announce the full version of the game, Journey to the East.
Almost 2 years of production, it has been a hard road getting to the finish line.
I hope everyone enjoys the game.

Progress Report

v. 0.12 released

Fixed some collision issues.
The rebattle with the acolyte of chaos is now automatic so you can't lose.
Main font is updated.
You can now equip the bow and axe for flexibility.
You no longer be able to steal from the dead girl in the street.

Next patch:
Reworking intro so it's delivered in 3 parts, with 2 scenes where the player can interact and move around in the past before the main story begins.

Added a choice before the intro to choose where to begin the game.

Fixed the error that puts you back to level 1 when changing class to esper.

Debugging chapter 4 and identifying missing files.
Karys can now use all party healing.

Started work on the final chapter.

Progress Report


Tested up to the capital city. May contain some minor bugs after that point but nothing game breaking that I know of.
Improved lighting in dark places such as caves.
Added more save points for smoother gameplay.
Changed difficulty for Marius (Easier)
Changed difficulty for the catacombs boss (Harder)
Fixed the save point in the catacombs.
Optimized the game file size.
Balanced some enemies.

Based on some feedback from players, I have made further changes to the
beginning of the game.

Changed system font
Reduced number of enemies in starting town. Limited 1 enemy per encounter.
Fail safe equip dagger at the beginning.
Added beginner's tips to introduce game mechanics to first time/non-MV players.
Made the bridge crossing in the snow forest more visible.
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