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Monstructs: Makers and Mayhem - Monster Creating Sim/Adventure (BETA 1 RELEASED)

This weekend, I'm happy to announce that BETA 1 is ready for the world to play! To be honest, the last couple of weeks (especially this past one), I had some stumbling blocks, that seemed to be almost insurmountable. But thanks, to my innate stubbornness, I was able to push through it and get some major things accomplished.

First, the main update to the story itself. Feedback from players I told me that, my opening/beginning took too long before the player could, well, play. There was a lot of text with very little interaction from the player. So, what I did was change up the opening to better reflect the basis of my overall story.

Now, with a bit of a rewrite and some out-of-the-box thinking, I think I've found a opening 10 minutes that player's will enjoy and will want to continue playing. Honestly, this is the best thing of the game as a whole and I'm really proud of it. Here's a little sneak peek of what you'll see:

I've also reworked how Caste Abilities are used and activated. I got scripting help from some AWESOME people that enabled a cool Party Switch mechanic that adds some depth to how the player uses abilities on the map. I even added a cool animation to show which one you've used.

So, all around, this past week has been trying, but productive on the whole. Hopefully, you folks will stop by the GAME PAGE and give it a try. Thanks for reading!


Monstructs: Makers and Mayhem (BETA 0 RELEASED)

Today, I've released the FIRST of the BETA Branch releases of this game, along with the FIRST episode of Slime Kingdom.


I'm also making a general call for any and all to help out as a BETA/Game Tester to help make this project better. Any and all feedback will be used to push this project to completion. Check out my DISCORD to offer your thoughts, ideas and comments.

Thanks again!

Progress Report


I've gotten some help with UI issues on my Job/Mission and Making systems.

New UI for selecting workers for the Job/Mission System...

Now you can see which Monstruct you'll be Making!

The work steadily continues to bring you the First BETA. Enjoy!!

Progress Report

New Title Screen and Opening

I recently have revamped the Title and Opening scene for this game, since Slime Kingdom has a fairly snazzy Title itself. Tell me what you think.

Here's the Opening in action:

Progress Report

Ranks and Grades...

Over the weekend I got the brilliant idea to use more graphics in the A couple of the game's systems Maker Ranking and Grading Monstructs you Make. I felt it would make players better engage the mechanics and reward them for doing these actions over and over.

See for yourself:

Maker Ranking

Monstruct Grading

Any thoughts on this approach. Yay or Nay?

Progress Report

Sunshine Island MAP PACK!!!

It has been a while since my last project post. My work life has been a nightmare this week. But I am one group of MAPS closer to BETA. I present: Sunshine Island!




The Finish Line is in sight, folks! Thanks for following me!


Trimming the FAT (Memento Mori)

This was a decision that was hard to make, but something deemed NECESSARY! After kicking the idea around in my head for weeks (months?), I decided to cut a feature from my game-- the Battle Tiles System!

It's was designed to add some fun and variety to arena battles in the Grand Circle. It throws in a little TCG flavor into the game, which I thought was cool.

The reasons for the cut are twofold:

1. It would be hard to fully implement with my current ability.

2. It feels unnecessary at this point, as arena battles aren't a big part of the game.

To be honest, it wasn't even that hard to remove. I just deleted a few bits of code and it was done. Some time later, I do intend on bringing it back in a sequel (if folks want one, of course).

In regards to the title for this post, I am working on a hardcore feature where if you leave your Monstructs in the KO'd status for too long, there's a chance they will be DESTROYED! Picture below:

THAT'S RIGHT!! DESTROYED!!! As in hey can not be used anymore and will go in to a graveyard (hence the Headstone pic)!

Think of it as something similar to the Nuzlocke Challenge in Pokemon games. I'll currently in the works to making this a reality. It'll be something to used to add replayabilty to the game, along with another feature I'm working on.

Stay tuned to this space as I make more progress to the 1st BETA!


Progress Report

Menu/UI Finale

Worked on the Menu/UI Windows for the game. I think they look good when combined with the Transparent Menu script courtesy of the great guys at the Chaos Project forums.


Progress Report

Any request? We're The Pianoman! (...sort of)

I figured I show off some gifs of my Main character (male/female) playing the piano. Here's some music from the OST, courtesy of Eric Matyas of Soundimage.ORG


Magical Getaway

Gulf Breeze

Underwater World

Progress Report

What lies beyond the observable world?

I've finished up a few maps where the player can discover lots of hidden dangers, secret passages and undiscovered treasures. It was a bit of a challenge to get them to look just right, but I'm they'll look good in game. Hope you like them!

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