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The mysterious Malice King has conquered the land; rumors of his hatred race from ear to ear. Knights and nobles who dare challenge their new king are dispatched side by side; their haunted souls feeding the Malice King's might. The world cries for a hero to stop the unstoppable, to bring hope back to the land. Challenge evil alone or gather three heroes to fight by your side!

Dego is a dungeon crawler for 1 to 4 players. This action RPG revolves around exploring and collecting, and features a simple, pick-up-and-play combat system that emphasizes player skill and teamwork over stat points.

- Create a custom character -
Choose your hair, clothing, accessories, and class. Battle monsters to earn stat points and find more clothes inside treasure chests.

- Collectible equipment -
Dego will feature three main types of weapons: melee, range, and magic. Each weapon will have different bonuses and special attack.

- Dungeons -
Dungeons are random and feature multiple paths, hidden rooms, puzzles, and bosses. There are plenty of secrets to find!

- Official Website -

Latest Blog

New content?

Is there anyone crazy enough to play new content for this game?

The game was meant to have a secret dungeon, but it was cut to make the release date. Most of the enemies for it are already in the game. They just never show up anywhere.

So, like, I'm throwing this out there to see if anyone in the world would like to see Dego Director's Cut: Definitive Edition.
  • Completed
  • Ramshackin
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  • Action RPG
  • 03/07/2009 03:37 PM
  • 08/02/2022 02:01 AM
  • 08/14/2010
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Isn't that RPG Maker VX, not a custom engine?
It uses VX's RTP. That doesn't necessarily mean it was made in RVX.
This is a really fun game! Hope you keep working on it!
I'm not comfortable with any idea that can't be expressed in the form of men's jewelry
Hey this actually looks kinda cool.
Add a new demo with what u have thats new :D it would be awesome
Hey starwaker, when you tried to run the game, was there an error message?

And I'll have a new demo up very soon!
yay :D cant wait to try the boss's also u should make some sort of ovious of how to use class skills. the only way i realised was watching the video when u summoned a fox :p. and even that took awhile because i was playing with 2 friends so they kept getting there speical guage faster then me... u might wana make it go up a bit faster (or super slow automatic) so its a bit more common because with more people everyone gets less. (because its shared)
o ya well then again in the early demo at most we got like 3-4 rooms so i pertty much was impossible to get us lv4 skill. anyway im going camping (forced) so il be bak in like 3 days plz have the new demo by then :D btw great game idea but u might wana limit what stuff you find where (and shop) or people could get to good of items to early.
I can't finish up the demo that fast!

As for your suggestions: In the first proper dungeon, there is a sign explaining how to use skills, and the dungeons are longer giving you more change to raise your SP bar. I'm also going to sort items into different grades of treasure chests.
back and awww..o well im gonna play and beat the world ends with you again try to beat my lowest level'd playthrough and try on hard this time :p after that it will probibroly be may so i get 6 new wii games (actually there THERE but i gotta pay shipping and handling (25$) and im broke so waiting for my check. IF its still not out or i beat my ds game early il focus on making a game on rpg maker. i make games for friends and family but never post them :p anyway goodluck hope u get it up soon. BTW when first making a charcter u should let us pick from everything in the game :/ makes it funner to work for it yaknow?
Sorry it took me so long to answer I was camping. Yes there was an error message it said this:

Dego.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close.
we are sorry for the inconvenience.
i completly forgot about E3 D; my current attechion is divided six ways to sunday D:
1. the world ends with you
2. E3
3. New anime i found
4. U.G.S. A New Beginning
5. this demo
6. my VX game.
AND waiting for my new wii games D: ( it sucks when u wait for a check. It sucks worse when its a 4 hour ride to the nearest city cause my family lives in the middile of freaking nowhere and as u can see. i already has lots of things to worry about besides going to town (and school!)
also earlier i meant to say you should NOT start ur charcter able to be anything in the game.Working for clothing options is fun ^-^ (and there common)
@starwaker - Not a very specific error :/ I don't really know what's wrong
@dawnbomb - There are already a couple of clothes and hairstyles that can only be found, plus all the accessories.
todays friday and i relly want that second demo up :D
download wont work when you start the dungeon u see nothing and you just sit there.
That's a weird error, most people can play the game normally. The only thing I can think of is the .exe is having trouble uncompressing the level data inside. Here's a link to the uncompressed .exe: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?zgmhnkijnjo

Can you copy and paste that over the old file and tell me if it works or not?
Well, I decided to try this out, and it worked for the most part, except for two noticeable bugs I found.
1. I was using an Archer (Not sure if the equipment has anything to do with it, but maybe?) using the Black String Bow(I think that is what it is called), and as I was shooting, I was 'knocked back' through a gate. I couldn't get back through.
2. In the Sprite Forest, as I was fighting, I'm not sure what happened, but a Cerberus
and a slime were somehow teleported into a wall.
Thanks for the bug report!
1. I'll update how far you can get knocked back in one move and make the gate collision range a little bigger.
2. I've seen that bug months ago, but I was never able to recreate it. I tried to fix it back then, but it's hard to fix a seemingly random bug I couldn't reproduce.
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