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The mysterious Malice King has conquered the land; rumors of his hatred race from ear to ear. Knights and nobles who dare challenge their new king are dispatched side by side; their haunted souls feeding the Malice King's might. The world cries for a hero to stop the unstoppable, to bring hope back to the land. Challenge evil alone or gather three heroes to fight by your side!

Dego is a dungeon crawler for 1 to 4 players. This action RPG revolves around exploring and collecting, and features a simple, pick-up-and-play combat system that emphasizes player skill and teamwork over stat points.

- Create a custom character -
Choose your hair, clothing, accessories, and class. Battle monsters to earn stat points and find more clothes inside treasure chests.

- Collectible equipment -
Dego will feature three main types of weapons: melee, range, and magic. Each weapon will have different bonuses and special attack.

- Dungeons -
Dungeons are random and feature multiple paths, hidden rooms, puzzles, and bosses. There are plenty of secrets to find!

- Official Website -

Latest Blog

New content?

Is there anyone crazy enough to play new content for this game?

The game was meant to have a secret dungeon, but it was cut to make the release date. Most of the enemies for it are already in the game. They just never show up anywhere.

So, like, I'm throwing this out there to see if anyone in the world would like to see Dego Director's Cut: Definitive Edition.
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  • 03/07/2009 03:37 PM
  • 12/08/2019 01:10 AM
  • 08/14/2010
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saw lobo play it. He had a really tough time. It looked like the game wasn't balanced for single player.
Thanks for the positive feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed the game :)

Loot placement inside a wall was a bug I wasn't able to complete remove. Not sure I've seen/heard the menu music bug.

The game should natively support controllers. Though it's been a while since the release. Maybe controller input has changed.
This game is excellent! I was a lurker for ages, and registered just to tell you my girl and I love this game.

So I did run two issues: The placement for loot from mob drops can sometimes clip into a wall or object.
The main menu music cuts off in the track.

If I could add things to this game, 1st would be a simple map overlay similar to duke3d or doom
2nd would be a music track unique to each dungeon type (not specifically for each dungeon, just the "biomes" I guess) (my younger brother makes music for his LoL twitch streams, he might be down for making those if you don't mind techno/chiptunes)
And the last thing I would add is a layout recommendation for Xbox 360/PS3 controller. If adding Xbox360/PS3 support is just too hard, maybe a jpep or png of a Xpadder/Joy2Key layout of your recommendation for control setup included in the DL would be great.

If I could change 2 things, 1st I would change how large the player information is to make it just a bit smaller
2nd I would adjust the solo play camera to have the player a little bit more south, in the center of the screen not taken up by player information.

This game is perfect for a USB SNES/Genesis/NES Pad. If I still had my usb adapter for my snes pads, I would be using that for this game because it would be perfect. Instead I use a knockoff Xbox 360 controller via Xpadder.
Jeez, I finally managed to update my Let's Play for this game after about a month of being stuck on the fight with the Envoy. Of course, I won't be sharing it with the site for a while since I'll have to get through floors 14, 15, and 16 before I do my next submission.
Don't hate me cause I'm Cute :)
How do you get past the name input screen for player 1??

Ain't that funny :) I have the same problem.

I downloaded the game and could not play as it said my computer was missing d3dx9_31dll
After going crazy trying to find it, I finally called Dell tech support since my original support contract is still in effect. The tech found the dll file and downloaded it, but he still got the same dll error. He worked on the problem and found I had the newest Directx program and this game works with the Directx from I believe version 7. After downloading the correct Directx version the game now works but I have a keyboard and not a controller so having troubling figuring out the correct keys to create my character and get on the monster killing field :( ain't I the smart one...... :)
How do you get past the name input screen for player 1??
Why isn't this Five stars yet?
Why isn't this Game on the first side when you enter the site?
Seriously, BUY this game, it's free, but Buy it anyways! Bike to these guys home and throw money on them!

...Now how the fuck do I rate this epic piece of work up to the heaven with all the other million stars...
So whatever happened to that updated review? The final release got significantly less downloads than the demo, and I'm pretty sure those two negative demo reviews are scaring people away.

Also, for anyone it doesn't work for, please post a more specific error. It will usually pop up with an error message.
This dosnt work 4 me...

Glad to hear you are updating your review for the final version!
Maybe that could have been something that unlocked at level 200. By the way, I'm going to be updating my review of Dego within the next month, as it sounds like a lot has changed.
This game needs a level creator.
I don't have the slightest clue why that is happening. No one has ever mentioned anything like that before. I'll do my best to figure that bug out.
Hey that glitch I posted about is happening again(I made a male thief and played for awhile hit level10 then the game changed it to a level 10 female thief ) but randomly and I lose something like most of my characters clothes or items. It seems to be fixed by deleting my current dego and downloading a new one.
I'm hoping to finish sometime in March.
Okay i found yet another glitch.

I made a male thief and played for awhile hit level10 then the game changed it to a level 10 female thief .

Its not that big of a problem but i thought i would report it.
I was going to release a second demo but decided against it. I only have about 3 dungeons left to make, so the full game should be ready within a month or two, depending on how much time I can find to work.
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