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Warning: The game contains a lot of flashing lights and bright colours, so if you suffer from epilepsy - please, play only at your own risk.

The life of a young boy from a quiet, little town suddenly becomes turned on it’s head after the discovery of an mysterious alien stranded on Earth. This strange encounter will be the first of many more to come in the next five days, when the city becomes more and more crazier…

SpaceSave is a story-driven, turn-based RPG, made in RPG Maker VX ACE, with a focus on exploration and interaction with many characters inhabiting the game’s main town. The action takes place within the five in-game days, which are divided into sections:

In the morning: Move around the local school, while doing various favours to fellow students in need of help. Or, maybe, take a side in a war between two rival school factions…

In the afternoon: Explore the boy’s hometown filled with secrets, collectibles, unexpected foes and many different kinds of townsfolk to get to know.

You will also encounter special places that will require not only brute strength, but also brains, to conquer…


- The main town(and it’s outskirts) filled with unusual people to meet and secrets to find, which changes every game day

- Plenty of side-quests and optional content, some of which may directly affect the main story(not always in the positive way)

- Story with a lot of crazy events to experience and challenges to overcome

- Lots of humour

- Three endings

- Original art and animations

Recommended Age(of course, you can play it, if you are younger, if you want…): 16+

Latest Blog

SpaceSave version 1.1 has been released!

​Hello! The first update to the game has been released today. Saves from the old version should work on the new one, so don't be afraid of switching to this version.
Below are listed all the changes(also included in the README file):

- Tweaked the dialogue boxes - balanced the formatting of the text, fixed bad grammar and typos,
rewritten some sentences - as much as could be done at the moment

- A .txt file with music credits has been placed in the game's zip - now, songs are not only
credited in the game's end credits, so their source can be accessed faster

- Credited a poem, which Saint Dog's incantation was based on - in the end credits

- Added a recommendation, at the start of the game, to turn down the OS' volume

- Fixed Rad Girl's event after completing the Stupidface game. Now the reward can only be received once

- Made a puzzle with looking for a safe-code in the Haunted House, a little easier

- Changed stray items' sprite and animations

- Changed Saint Dog's sprite slightly - added a cape on the right side, which was previously absent from that angle,
even though the cape was visible on the front side

- Items' and Statuses' icons have been tweaked. Now, they are properly placed and without graphical artifacts

- Fixed minor bugs and oversights in the events

​I hope both new and current players will have fun with this version and I wish a Happy New Year to all of you!

Please, let me know about your experience with the game!


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Your game looks interesting. Don't know why there are no posts.
Your game looks interesting. Don't know why there are no posts.

Thank you.
It's a fairly new game, so that's probably a reason.
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