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SpaceSave Version 1.4 has been released!

Hi there!

Well, it’s finally here. It’s going to be a much smaller update than version 1.3, but it consists of fixes and polish that(I hope) will make the game much more enjoyable to play(and a “definitive edition” of the game of sorts, at least for now). Below is a list of new features and a changelog for the new version(possible spoilers):

-New side questline, starting on Day 1 and continuing on a later day

- Some additional graphical improvements have been implemented:

= Tweaked Protagonist’s overworld sprites and battle animations to be more similar to his design in the promotional art

= Girl in the beginning of the Day 2 dungeon, now has a different coloured sprite to differentiate her from “normal” variations

= Shorty the Cashier’s sprites were finally updated from the beta version… which were ready 2 years ago, like for all the other characters before release,
but I forgot to implement them into spritesheets…

= Shops(and the Doctor’s office) now have more detail

= Breakable walls in the final dungeon are now more visible

- Added a new way to spend Nothing(To trigger: interact with a certain NPC on Day 1/Day 2 in the dream, while having at least 1 Nothing in the inventory)

- Added a new state “Sedated”, which can be applied by using “Painkillers”. It makes an affected character unable to get Knocked-Out, but prevents them from using
any skills

-Balance Change: “Depression” state now lasts 5 turns instead od 10

- Day 4: Added a second type of soldier, with an urban camouflage. Now - the soldiers with green(forest) camo can use and drop Incendiary Grenades, while
urban camo soldiers have normal Grenades.

- Day 5, Ending B: A save point has been added before the final boss of the Ending B route

- Improved the town introduction cutscene(added people in town… finally, and smoothed out some stuff)

- While we’re at the topic of stuff that should be fixed long time ago - the collissions with the guards in the “stealth” section on Day 5 have been (mostly) fixed

- Save point in the Factory dungeon in Day 2, now saves and restores HP/SP at the same time - like in every other dungeon in the game

- Finishing the first part of the Kate’s quest(Day 1, in the school) now doesn’t give EXP reward. Instead - it automatically levels the player up.

- Added a small hint to the third school faction’s quest

- Added more quips from party members for side-content stuff

- “Key Items” section of the inventory will now not include old, unused key items from earlier dungeons/quests(with exceptions)

- New item “Heretical Book” has been added as a special shop reward. It revives an ally with full HP and SP.

- New item “Incendiary Grenade” has been added and the normal type of “Grenade” now deals more damage to all enemies.

- New items “Painkillers” and “Potent Painkillers” has been added. When used - it gives a targeted character a “Sedated” state, which makes them unable to get
knocked-out while under its effect

- Fixed an oversight, where the “Depression” status effect didn’t prevent characters from using POWER-type skills

- Fixed a bug, which allowed you to save in the school after exiting third faction’s dungeon prematurely

- Fixed Ollie’s name before the sewer part of Day 5

- Evened out the most loud sounds(those I was able to find myself, that is)

- Minor UI and other fixes(small bugs, typos, etc.)

- Got rid of possibly copyrighted sound effects

And that’s it for this version! It’s going to be a while, before the next one(maybe even years), because I want to focus more on my other, new projects. I hope you will all look forward to new stuff from me and, eventually, more updates for SpaceSave!

For now, however - enjoy version 1.4! If you have any problems with the game/found any bugs, don’t hesitate to contact me!

Also, I have decided to make the download redirect to Google Drive as an experiment. Let me know, if there are any problems with it.


Version 1.4 News & other boring stuff

Good whichever-time-of-a-day-it-is! Here’s some irregularly scheduled piece of SpaceSave-related news and some things around it, which affect the development of a new version. It’s been nearly 7 months since the upload of the latest version and around 4 months since last post, so I guess it’s a good time to drop some info. Before we go into specifics, let’s delve into the state of my development process this year. It’s been a long time, so the post is going to be long as well! I’m sorry...

TL DR(I don’t blame you...): SpaceSave version 1.4 is in development and will release later this year. Also – I’m making a new game.


These last months have been pretty busy for me, in both personal life and game development. I haven’t been working on SpaceSave’s new version at all, right until three weeks ago or so. As I’ve noted in my last post – version 1.3 turned up to be very time consuming for me, so much so that I had to put my new, main project on hold(I still worked on it from time to time, but the progress was minimal) , just so I could finish the update in a timely manner. I eventually did release version 1.3 on time for my self-imposed deadline and the game was upgraded quite considerably, but it left me burned out in the process and with a small feeling of guilt, caused by ignoring my new project. Thus, after uploading the current version, in December, I’ve decided to take a break from SpaceSave and focus on that new project instead(development of which had a pretty major problem of its own, but we’ll talk about it later ). And this is basically what I was doing since last version’s release. Thankfully, that break was pretty rejuvenating – I’ve came back to SpaceSave, ended up enjoying working on it again and are making progress at a nice pace.

Okay, the boring stuff’s over. Below will be an actual info about new version of SpaceSave and... a new project? Well, that turned out unexpected.

SpaceSave v.1.4

As explained in my latest post about the same issue – this update will be much more humble than the last one, focused mostly on bug fixes, since I want to thoroughly test the whole game again. That being said – there will be some snippets of new content. To not reveal too much right now – one new, shorter questline is planned and I’ve already mapped it out, although I still have to create new(well, mostly recycled, but you get the point) assets for that and actually implement it in the game. As for the new stuff that’s already been added(may contain spoilers):

-New... character?:

-Also, now there are two types of soldiers, instead of one(there are also more sprite variations for them as well) on Day 4:

Now, the urban(that’s grey, for normal people) camo is the same type of soldiers that were in the base game with the same skills. The green(I call it “forest”) variant however uses incendiary grenades, which can put your entire party on fire. It’s a small change but should add some variety.

-New Items:
First, there is a new special item that you can get from hidden vendors(what, you didn’t know there were hidden vendors in the game? Well, now you know)

Heretical Book – (Description from the game)
Written in fake blood for better effect!
Use these dark secrets to fully revive an ally!

Since there is a new type of soldier, there is also a new type of grenade:

Incendiary Grenade – (Description from the game)
A real thing. Less damaging than a normal one,
but can put all enemies on fire.

The regular grenade also received a small boost in damage, since it was a little too weak in the base game, especially when you remember that it was supposed to be... well... a grenade.

There is a number of other things that I’ve already added, fixes and tweaks, but I’m going to skip them for this post and leave ‘em for an actual announcement, which is still quite a way ahead. I’m going to do a proper post about it, with a release date, as always – at least two weeks before uploading a new version. For now, the progress is going pretty alright, but I still focus more attention on my new project. The plan is, that I’m going to work on SpaceSave as much as I can, but when I’ll notice that version 1.4 will start to eat up into my main project - I’ll wrap the update up, finish things that I’ve already started to work on and release it. Another alternative is that I’ll manage to do all the work I’ve planned to do for this update(I keep a handy list for stuff like that) and if I keep my current pace – it’s pretty likely going to happen.

To summarize – I guess you can expect a new version, at best, in the early autumn. At worst – somewhere later, but it will certainly be this year.

New Project(!):

Yeah, I’ve been talking about it for quite a while, even in this post. I’m making a new game! It’s been in development since late December 2017, two weeks or so after the release of the first version of SpaceSave, although I’d say that I seriously started working on it after version 1.3, since I’ve finally got time to do so. Before that, I was mostly making assets for it.

In the February of this year, I’ve finally got enough assets to start working on a prototype, since this is a quite a different game from SpaceSave, more complex gameplay-wise. Naturally, I’ve wanted to test out how these mechanics work and how the whole game feels to play. Good ideas on paper don’t always result in an enjoyable game. There was also another thing I’ve wanted to check – the engine. For this project, I’ve decided to use the latest RPG Maker MV and there were two reasons for that:

- Bigger sprite sizes and with these – more detailed sprites – which was the main reason

And obviously...

- I owned it for some time already and wanted to justify the purchase

However, you’re probably pretty well aware about MV’s reputation as an engine that is pretty unstable. By creating a prototype I wanted to see if that’s true, before I started working on it proper. And, oh boy, MV didn’t waste any time proving all the bad rumours about it right, for me. I may have sucked at working with it, but when I did – the engine was slow, menus were janky, graphical glitches were everywhere, more complicated events broke almost every time(sometimes they actually worked, but broke later after no changes whatsoever) – hell, sometimes, after the software update, the entire game could break and I had to update project’s files manually.

In short, it was a mess. It was already March at that point in time and while the progress on the prototype itself was going swell, constant problems in the events for crucial parts of the game were infuriating. Finally, I’ve decided that if I want this project to survive – I need to start over and make it again in VX Ace. I have already made a lot of assets at this point(we’re talking around 86 spritesheets here and that’s only for characters and overworld animations, not counting stuff like tilesets here) and while battlers and animations could be reused no problem – all the sprites made by MV’s standards and most pictures made for MV resolution had to be redrawn. It was a hard decision to make, since it would take a very long time, but I’ve decided to go for it. The only possible alternatives were either keep making it on MV and risk creating an inferior game(at best) or to scrap it altogether. I really like this project and want to see it to the very end, like SpaceSave, so I didn’t want it to just die in such an anticlimactic way. So, for the rest of the March and the entirety of April – I’ve managed to painstakingly remake every single graphical asset that needed it, to fit VX Ace’s standards. T he operation was a success and I’ve finally been able to continue my work! But before that, there was still one thing to do.

When I was busy remaking assets, the prototype for MV was obviously put on hold. However, after I’ve finished working on the asset problem, I’ve decided to complete that version. It was already half-done anyway, so sure, why not - I could still use it to test out the game mechanics, even if some of them will probably be borderline broken. I’ve spent the entire May working on it and finally – on the very first day of June – it was sent to a few carefully selected vict-... individuals.

The prototype in its barely working state, to my relief, turned out pretty fine. All the mechanics are there, giving me a good blueprint to use in an actual version and its fairly enjoyable. The people I’ve sent it to were pretty positive about it as well. So, everything turned out fine in the end! Now... I just need to actually make the darn game, oh boy...

Anyway, as a reward for you for reading this boring wall of text – here are some screenshots from the described prototype! Please keep in mind, that the screenshots you’ll see below are from a version that will, well, never be released and the actual game will look different, although it will be similar in style and gameplay. That being said – it should give you a general idea about what I’m going for with this game, but remember that it’s VERY WiP. It is also not an announcement(we’re, at the very least, one year before that), that’s why I’m not going to give you any dates, descriptions or concrete information. Sorry, you’ll need to wait some more for that!

Anyway, here are the screenshots. Enjoy(I hope)!

Picture of a robot in that particular screenshot was made by my friend Pequod, who helps me out in art-related matters

BTW. That name of this project is not real and a joke made just for these screenshots. Please don’t ask about the meaning - it’s really bad. Seriously.

Okay, that’s it from me! This post’s length is nearly criminal... Thank you very much for keeping up with SpaceSave! See you all next time, when I’ll, probably, announce version 1.4 in a proper way!


Future & other boring stuff

<There was supposed to be some art to accompany the imminent wall of text, but the death of my SSD disk unfortunately thwarted these plans…)

<Also - this was originally posted on SpaceSave's Blog on Tumblr>


It’s been (more than) 2 months since SpaceSave reached version 1.3(pssst – you can download it from this site now, if you want!) and first – I want to say thank you to everyone who’ve supported the game – either by playing or spreading the word about it! Also – it just happened that a new year have started recently(well, relatively speaking) and a lot of people use this opportunity to give some news about their games. So, I can’t be worse! Also – when it comes to SpaceSave updates – this year will be rather slow, so I guess I kinda owe you all some explanations about it. I’ll write about some future stuff from me too, because why not? It’s not like anybody will read this, right?

Anyway, here we go:

SpaceSave 1.4 etc.

If you’re only interested in the question – “Will SpaceSave be still supported?” – the answer is : yes.

That’s the short version – let’s get into details.

In the introduction, I’ve mentioned that it will be a slow year for SpaceSave(and its updates) and there are two reasons for it. One of them is in the next part of this text, but the other one is that version 1.3, while managed to add a lot of new stuff to the base game, was very time-consuming to make(I think it took around 8 months). The problem with all this time spent, was that it managed to eat up into the other projects I’ve been making and eventually became my main project again, just so I could deliver it on the first anniversary. And I’ve still didn’t manage to add everything I’ve wanted(for example – there was supposed to be 5 questlines, but I’ve managed to deliver only 4, or more phone functionalites…)!

This leaves me with stuff I still want to add to the game, leftovers that were supposed to be in the now recent version and more testing(I’ve only had 2 weeks for testing the new stuff and while I think the game’s relatively unbroken – I’d like to test it more thoroughly) but I also want to shift focus from SpaceSave to newer, fresher, tastier stuff.

In that situation, I’ve decided that this year SpaceSave will probably receive one more update(version 1.4) and it will mostly consist of bugfixes and minor changes. Probably no new content(although, I may add that 5th questline that didn’t make the cut, but no promises here). When will I release it? Who knows. I hope I’ll manage to do it this year, but it probably won’t be soon – probably in the last part of 2019. For now – I went “full steam ahead” mode for my new project and frankly – I’m a little sick of making SpaceSave at the moment and want some time to come back later with a fresher mind.

Okay, but what will come after it? Well, I guess I’ll resume adding more content with the subsequent updates(version 1.5 will have such a nice number, so it’s a good bet), but it will probably remain pretty slow. That being said – I still have a lot of ideas for a new stuff for the game and, if I don’t lose will, I think I will be able to support it for at least a few more years. So – if, for some baffling reason, you’ve liked my game – you will be still getting new stuff for it from time to time!

New game!

I’ve spent the whole last part of the text explaining why the development of SpaceSave’s updates will slow down from now own, so let’s look into the main suspect!

So, yeah – I’m making a new game! To be honest, I’ve started making it slowly a few weeks after releasing the first version of SpaceSave, but then I was forced to put it into a hiatus, if I’ve wanted to make version 1.3 in a timely manner. Thankfully, v. 1.3 released two months ago, so I’ve eagerly came to work on this one and the progress so far has been great! I’ve managed to make a lot of graphics already and now I’m in progress of making a prototype. To be honest, I haven’t been that hyped to be able to work on a project in a long time! There is a lot of new stuff I want to experiment with, but I’ll see how it’ll all do in the prototype. Especially, because I’m doing this new project in other version of RPG Maker(MV), which isn’t really known to be very stable, so some kind of crashtest, to see what limits I have, is a must.

So, what’s this new game about? And no – it’s not SpaceSave 2… Well , it’s a secret! But will it be similar to SpaceSave? Well – while some elements will probably remain, it will be mostly a new experience. For now I can only tell you it will be a light RPG with a focus on gameplay(does it mean it will have less reading? Oh, no, no, no – it’s my game after all!) and dark atmosphere(lots of blood and violence! Kids just love blood and violence!).

When will I announce it? I’ll be honest with you – I don’t know, but probably not soon. VERY not soon. Somewhere in 2020 is the most optimistic bet… Why I’m so secretive? You see – when I announced SpaceSave, the game was a few months away from being done and while the scenario will probably not be that extreme here– I just want to be sure that I will be able to finish the game after I announce it, so I wouldn’t disappoint anyone who would be, theoretically, waiting for that new game.

That being said – when I’ll manage to announce it – hopefully, you’ll want to check it out!

SpaceSave-related things

Okay, so now – what will be the future of the SpaceSave “franchise”(that’s obviously a joke)? A sequel? A spin-off? A TV series? A stage play? A dakimakura pillow(please god no)?

Well, the good thing is – whatever I’ll come up with – there is a very big chance that it will fit into the SpaceSave’s universe, which is tremendously helpful while coming up with stuff for the updates. That being said – updates are updates, but new games are always more fun! Unfortunately – they take time to make, so any new project in the SpaceSave universe, at this point in time, is probably out of question. Also, while it’s nice and cozy to make one thing into a series and just iterate on it(don’t get me wrong – I’m not against sequels – frankly, SpaceSave probably needs some kind of a sequel to iron out my beginner’s mistakes), I’m a type of a guy who prefers to move on to new things.

That being said – in case whenever I’ll be in a pinch, I have some ideas for new games already(that includes the sequel and an adventure game) and who knows – maybe some of them will become reality in a distant future?

I do have one long-term plan(which means, it’s probably destined to fail), that I’d really want to do someday, though. After finishing this new project, I’d like to revisit SpaceSave and rerelease it, while giving it much needed gameplay and writing improvements, facelift and original music. Hopefully, that will do my original idea justice and will make the game more attractive for a potential player… But it’s still something that I-May-Do-In-The-Future-But-You-Know-How-It-Is , so this idea may be dropped, but I hope I’ll be able to do it eventually.

Okay, I guess that’s it! That was freaking long, so let’s end this wall of text! Thanks for taking your time reading this monstrosity of a post and I hope its contents had given you a good idea how SpaceSave’s(and my other project’s) development will go from here. Hopefully, you’ll be looking forward to new stuff from me and it will make me very happy if you will!

<Sidenote: As written in the beginning – my SSD died yesterday, so at the moment I’m forced to use my old HDD disk, which reverted my computer to its state from October last year. That being said, thankfully, I’ve been able to recover the most important files: SpaceSave project file and development folder, everything related to my new project, my porn fold-…, so I was lucky enough not to suffer any setbacks in my work. You can take it as a reminder to backup your game, because as you can see here – it spared me many headaches in this situation. So – BACKUP YOUR GOSHDARN GAME!>


SpaceSave Version 1.3 has been released!

Hello there!

Exactly one year ago, my game - SpaceSave - has been released. For that occassion - let’s celebrate! With an update!

In addition to the new version of the game, an instruction manual has been remade to update its contents and add some new stuff to it, so give it a read if you want!

I apologize, but old saves will not work with the new version of the game

And here’s a changelog(as always, possible spoilers):

- Graphical improvements have been implemented:

= Added more sprite variations for townspeople and students

= Tilesets have been slightly reworked

= Fixed a slight graphical hiccup in a city tileset

= Gary’s Dad sprite(Present-day version) has received a slight design change

= A new battler variation for “Deliquent” has been added

= Replaced statuses’ icons

= Redrawn a few more blurrier battlers

= As a bonus - addes some more color variations for dogs’ overworld sprites

= Some slight graphical effects have been added

- NEW CONTENT has been added:

= Added a new school faction - The Lodge - with its own questline

= Added 3 new longer quest available to be accessed in town

= Added two new enemy types: “Yoyoslinger”(4 variations) and “Punk”(2 variations)

- Added a new item - Mobile Phone - which can be accessed with “Q” key(default) or from the Inventory(when the Player has it). It has following functionalities:

= Check the Main Quest goal

= Chech all the active Side Quests

= Set the phone’s wallpaper with 7 different variations to choose from

- Optional dungeon: Added an ability to skip the optional dungeon, while learning the story bits from it - for a price - works both on Day 3 and 4

- Optional dungeon: the locks are now automatically released after completing a puzzle - no need to use the computer with a puzzle again

- Balance change: Raised the level cap to 15

- Balance change : Gary’s PWR skills cost more SP now

- Balance change: Ollie’s “Frickin’ Serenade” now restores slightly less HP(50) and requires less SP(40), while “Flockin’ Serenade” restores more HP(150)

- Added a new area in town - second “Block of flats” - available to explore since Day 1

- Fixed bugs in the Chinese Restaurant quest that would make the first part of the quest impossible, if the Player started it on Day 2

- Fixed Saint Dog’s dialogue in the Chinese Restaurant Quest on Day 2, where it had a line that was meant for Day 1

- Fixed a bug which deals 50 damage to player’s party at the start of Jenkins battle, when Magnificent Manuel shows to help out

- Updated a cutscene with Gary’s Dad on Day 3 after Ollie’s quest - now The Saint Dog of The Dosfield Chapel is called differently if the Player haven’t met it yet

- (Most of) the cutscenes, where the whole scene could not be visible now have a darkened window

- Added a prompt in a certain place to check it out later

- A Mysterious Man now repeats a hint, after the player talked with him before

- Fixed Streph’s name in the final cutscene of Ending A

- Fixed Someone’s animation in a Certain story scene - now it plays out properly

- Fixed Butch’s battler-sprite - added a scar which is visible on his overworld sprite, but was missing on the battler

- Fixed wrong names for the Bullies in one of the school factions quests

- Splitted skill types to “Skill” for normal skills and “POWER” for PWR-type skills

- Slight UI changes

- Added new names to the Special Thanks and Testing section in the credits

- Added new items and equipment, connected to new quests

- “Liqour” is now cheaper, because the player could get a lot of money by selling it

- Disabled sprinting in the big hall area of the Factory(Day 2) mini-dungeon

- Fixed minor issues

If there are any problems with the new version or if you have any questions - don't hesitate to contact me!
I hope you all will have fun with the game!


SpaceSave v.1.3 Announcement

After nearly 9 months of work – I’m happy to announce an update to the game. And you know, it’s not going to be a simple fix, when I’m going as far as to announce it beforehand… Anyway – the new version will be numbered: 1.3 and aside from our regular serving of fixes and quality-of-life improvements – there will be much, much more to it. Well, then – let’s see what it’ll have in store for you, shall we?:

A Quest Journal:
From what feedback I’ve gathered – one game’s fault in particular stood out to me: the lack of some kind of quest journal to keep to player to date with their active quests. And – with how much side content there is to do with the game – I understand the complaint. To be honest – I had it planned for the very first version, but I’ve decided to abandon the idea to save more time for testing… So, I’m happy to announce that the thing in question will be available in the newest version! Here are some screenshots:

As you can see – the journal will take a form of a mobile phone, which you can access from the Inventory or using a hot-key on the keyboard(“Q” by default) and it will allow you to check your current objective in the story and all the active side-quests. And if you don’t like the default wallpaper – there are six more options to choose from instead, so you can match your current mood or something…

That being said – getting the phone will not be so easy, the Protagonist won’t certainly start his journey with it in his possessions. There will be a task you’ll have to do beforehand…

Check this Tumblr post for more details

New content:
After a year of being a released game – the game will finally receive some additional content! There are 3 new whole questlines for you to discover, all of them spanning at least two in-game days. You thought the inhabitants of the town were already weird? Well – you haven’t seen everything yet…

On top of that – the update will include a new school faction with a questline of their own! Prepare for many surprises while dealing with these guys, they are a whole other league above Bullies and Nerds you may know from the base game! The question is – who are they? Well, it’s a mystery you have to uncover by yourself…:

All of this new content should add around 3 hours to the base game(of course – if you will want to do all of that)… There also two new types of enemies added: “Yoyoslingers” and “Punks” to hunt you during the town exploration!

Check this Tumblr post for more details

Graphical improvements:

The game has also received a slight upgrade to its graphics. It’s nothing major, but it should make the game more pleasing and detailed to look at. Below are the comparisons between the old versions(left) and the new one(right):

On top of that – new variations of townfolk and kids have been added:

Hopefully, these changes will make the game more appealing!

Check this Tumblr post for more details

And much more…

Now, that we have all these announced new features out of the way – only a question remains: when will the update be released? Well… In a week!

8th of December 2018

It also just happens to be the game’s first anniversary, so we’ll come a nice full circle! Now, me and a few carefully chosen people are tirelessly testing a new build to ensure it will be as good as possible! I hope that you are all looking forward to the new version of the game!

Well, it’s back to work for me – see you on the 8th!

(if nothing bad happens, of course…)

Game Design

SpaceSave version 1.2 has been released

Hello! A new version of the game is available. Using old saves should be possible, but some changes and fixes may not work afterwards, so it's not recommended. The changelog can be found below(as always - POSSIBLE SPOILERS):

- The "Formation" option had been removed from the in-game menu

- Added an option to skip intro at the start. After choosing the option - the game will start instantly on Day 1

- Optimized most of the events - the overall performance of the game should be better now

- If Magnificent Manuel's quest is not done after Day 1 - the player will be able to find "Damaged Sombrero" in place of the normal one.
If the player has found the normal "Violet Sombrero" and didn't return it to Magnificent Manuel - it will be changed to "Damaged Sombrero" after completing Day 1.

- Greatly reduced(or outright removed, in case of some locations) random encounter frequency

- Balance changes: Made Gary's PWR skills and Player's Pen. Whirlwind more powerful, with some changes regarding SP cost

- Made Magician's instructions about looking for his quest objects more clear

- Fixed a bug in the Dog Ritual Quest. Now, the candles can only be bought once

- Added a tip in the Dog Ritual Quest to talk to Mr. Peng, after the escape from the basement

- Improved puzzle descriptions in the tutorial puzzle and in the Rad Girl's challenges

- Fixed the wrong day image after completing the school section in Day 3

- Fixed Gary's Dad's event on Day 3, which could skip the conversation entirely if he was approached while facing the wrong side

- Fixed the only(?) choice in the game that can give you game-over, now the player is forced to read the dialogue before choosing the answer

- Fixed the prompt that showed up in Hero's room every day, after completing the Stupidface game. Now - it only shows after the first completion of the game

- Fixed some minor issues

- Added a new name to the end credits

Enjoy! Feel free to contact me, if you find any issues with the game.

Game Design

SpaceSave version 1.1 has been released!

​Hello! The first update to the game has been released today. Saves from the old version should work on the new one, so don't be afraid of switching to this version.
Below are listed all the changes(also included in the README file):

- Tweaked the dialogue boxes - balanced the formatting of the text, fixed bad grammar and typos,
rewritten some sentences - as much as could be done at the moment

- A .txt file with music credits has been placed in the game's zip - now, songs are not only
credited in the game's end credits, so their source can be accessed faster

- Credited a poem, which Saint Dog's incantation was based on - in the end credits

- Added a recommendation, at the start of the game, to turn down the OS' volume

- Fixed Rad Girl's event after completing the Stupidface game. Now the reward can only be received once

- Made a puzzle with looking for a safe-code in the Haunted House, a little easier

- Changed stray items' sprite and animations

- Changed Saint Dog's sprite slightly - added a cape on the right side, which was previously absent from that angle,
even though the cape was visible on the front side

- Items' and Statuses' icons have been tweaked. Now, they are properly placed and without graphical artifacts

- Fixed minor bugs and oversights in the events

​I hope both new and current players will have fun with this version and I wish a Happy New Year to all of you!

Please, let me know about your experience with the game!



The download for the game is now available. Sorry, if you have arrived here earlier and didn't find a download link - I haven't realised my game was accepted.

Anyway the download is already here, so you can get the game now. Have fun and tell me what you think about it(and whether you have encountered any issues)!
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