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Future & other boring stuff

<There was supposed to be some art to accompany the imminent wall of text, but the death of my SSD disk unfortunately thwarted these plans…)

<Also - this was originally posted on SpaceSave's Blog on Tumblr>


It’s been (more than) 2 months since SpaceSave reached version 1.3(pssst – you can download it from this site now, if you want!) and first – I want to say thank you to everyone who’ve supported the game – either by playing or spreading the word about it! Also – it just happened that a new year have started recently(well, relatively speaking) and a lot of people use this opportunity to give some news about their games. So, I can’t be worse! Also – when it comes to SpaceSave updates – this year will be rather slow, so I guess I kinda owe you all some explanations about it. I’ll write about some future stuff from me too, because why not? It’s not like anybody will read this, right?

Anyway, here we go:

SpaceSave 1.4 etc.

If you’re only interested in the question – “Will SpaceSave be still supported?” – the answer is : yes.

That’s the short version – let’s get into details.

In the introduction, I’ve mentioned that it will be a slow year for SpaceSave(and its updates) and there are two reasons for it. One of them is in the next part of this text, but the other one is that version 1.3, while managed to add a lot of new stuff to the base game, was very time-consuming to make(I think it took around 8 months). The problem with all this time spent, was that it managed to eat up into the other projects I’ve been making and eventually became my main project again, just so I could deliver it on the first anniversary. And I’ve still didn’t manage to add everything I’ve wanted(for example – there was supposed to be 5 questlines, but I’ve managed to deliver only 4, or more phone functionalites…)!

This leaves me with stuff I still want to add to the game, leftovers that were supposed to be in the now recent version and more testing(I’ve only had 2 weeks for testing the new stuff and while I think the game’s relatively unbroken – I’d like to test it more thoroughly) but I also want to shift focus from SpaceSave to newer, fresher, tastier stuff.

In that situation, I’ve decided that this year SpaceSave will probably receive one more update(version 1.4) and it will mostly consist of bugfixes and minor changes. Probably no new content(although, I may add that 5th questline that didn’t make the cut, but no promises here). When will I release it? Who knows. I hope I’ll manage to do it this year, but it probably won’t be soon – probably in the last part of 2019. For now – I went “full steam ahead” mode for my new project and frankly – I’m a little sick of making SpaceSave at the moment and want some time to come back later with a fresher mind.

Okay, but what will come after it? Well, I guess I’ll resume adding more content with the subsequent updates(version 1.5 will have such a nice number, so it’s a good bet), but it will probably remain pretty slow. That being said – I still have a lot of ideas for a new stuff for the game and, if I don’t lose will, I think I will be able to support it for at least a few more years. So – if, for some baffling reason, you’ve liked my game – you will be still getting new stuff for it from time to time!

New game!

I’ve spent the whole last part of the text explaining why the development of SpaceSave’s updates will slow down from now own, so let’s look into the main suspect!

So, yeah – I’m making a new game! To be honest, I’ve started making it slowly a few weeks after releasing the first version of SpaceSave, but then I was forced to put it into a hiatus, if I’ve wanted to make version 1.3 in a timely manner. Thankfully, v. 1.3 released two months ago, so I’ve eagerly came to work on this one and the progress so far has been great! I’ve managed to make a lot of graphics already and now I’m in progress of making a prototype. To be honest, I haven’t been that hyped to be able to work on a project in a long time! There is a lot of new stuff I want to experiment with, but I’ll see how it’ll all do in the prototype. Especially, because I’m doing this new project in other version of RPG Maker(MV), which isn’t really known to be very stable, so some kind of crashtest, to see what limits I have, is a must.

So, what’s this new game about? And no – it’s not SpaceSave 2… Well , it’s a secret! But will it be similar to SpaceSave? Well – while some elements will probably remain, it will be mostly a new experience. For now I can only tell you it will be a light RPG with a focus on gameplay(does it mean it will have less reading? Oh, no, no, no – it’s my game after all!) and dark atmosphere(lots of blood and violence! Kids just love blood and violence!).

When will I announce it? I’ll be honest with you – I don’t know, but probably not soon. VERY not soon. Somewhere in 2020 is the most optimistic bet… Why I’m so secretive? You see – when I announced SpaceSave, the game was a few months away from being done and while the scenario will probably not be that extreme here– I just want to be sure that I will be able to finish the game after I announce it, so I wouldn’t disappoint anyone who would be, theoretically, waiting for that new game.

That being said – when I’ll manage to announce it – hopefully, you’ll want to check it out!

SpaceSave-related things

Okay, so now – what will be the future of the SpaceSave “franchise”(that’s obviously a joke)? A sequel? A spin-off? A TV series? A stage play? A dakimakura pillow(please god no)?

Well, the good thing is – whatever I’ll come up with – there is a very big chance that it will fit into the SpaceSave’s universe, which is tremendously helpful while coming up with stuff for the updates. That being said – updates are updates, but new games are always more fun! Unfortunately – they take time to make, so any new project in the SpaceSave universe, at this point in time, is probably out of question. Also, while it’s nice and cozy to make one thing into a series and just iterate on it(don’t get me wrong – I’m not against sequels – frankly, SpaceSave probably needs some kind of a sequel to iron out my beginner’s mistakes), I’m a type of a guy who prefers to move on to new things.

That being said – in case whenever I’ll be in a pinch, I have some ideas for new games already(that includes the sequel and an adventure game) and who knows – maybe some of them will become reality in a distant future?

I do have one long-term plan(which means, it’s probably destined to fail), that I’d really want to do someday, though. After finishing this new project, I’d like to revisit SpaceSave and rerelease it, while giving it much needed gameplay and writing improvements, facelift and original music. Hopefully, that will do my original idea justice and will make the game more attractive for a potential player… But it’s still something that I-May-Do-In-The-Future-But-You-Know-How-It-Is , so this idea may be dropped, but I hope I’ll be able to do it eventually.

Okay, I guess that’s it! That was freaking long, so let’s end this wall of text! Thanks for taking your time reading this monstrosity of a post and I hope its contents had given you a good idea how SpaceSave’s(and my other project’s) development will go from here. Hopefully, you’ll be looking forward to new stuff from me and it will make me very happy if you will!

<Sidenote: As written in the beginning – my SSD died yesterday, so at the moment I’m forced to use my old HDD disk, which reverted my computer to its state from October last year. That being said, thankfully, I’ve been able to recover the most important files: SpaceSave project file and development folder, everything related to my new project, my porn fold-…, so I was lucky enough not to suffer any setbacks in my work. You can take it as a reminder to backup your game, because as you can see here – it spared me many headaches in this situation. So – BACKUP YOUR GOSHDARN GAME!>