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SpaceSave Version 1.4 has been released!

Hi there!

Well, it’s finally here. It’s going to be a much smaller update than version 1.3, but it consists of fixes and polish that(I hope) will make the game much more enjoyable to play(and a “definitive edition” of the game of sorts, at least for now). Below is a list of new features and a changelog for the new version(possible spoilers):

-New side questline, starting on Day 1 and continuing on a later day

- Some additional graphical improvements have been implemented:

= Tweaked Protagonist’s overworld sprites and battle animations to be more similar to his design in the promotional art

= Girl in the beginning of the Day 2 dungeon, now has a different coloured sprite to differentiate her from “normal” variations

= Shorty the Cashier’s sprites were finally updated from the beta version… which were ready 2 years ago, like for all the other characters before release,
but I forgot to implement them into spritesheets…

= Shops(and the Doctor’s office) now have more detail

= Breakable walls in the final dungeon are now more visible

- Added a new way to spend Nothing(To trigger: interact with a certain NPC on Day 1/Day 2 in the dream, while having at least 1 Nothing in the inventory)

- Added a new state “Sedated”, which can be applied by using “Painkillers”. It makes an affected character unable to get Knocked-Out, but prevents them from using
any skills

-Balance Change: “Depression” state now lasts 5 turns instead od 10

- Day 4: Added a second type of soldier, with an urban camouflage. Now - the soldiers with green(forest) camo can use and drop Incendiary Grenades, while
urban camo soldiers have normal Grenades.

- Day 5, Ending B: A save point has been added before the final boss of the Ending B route

- Improved the town introduction cutscene(added people in town… finally, and smoothed out some stuff)

- While we’re at the topic of stuff that should be fixed long time ago - the collissions with the guards in the “stealth” section on Day 5 have been (mostly) fixed

- Save point in the Factory dungeon in Day 2, now saves and restores HP/SP at the same time - like in every other dungeon in the game

- Finishing the first part of the Kate’s quest(Day 1, in the school) now doesn’t give EXP reward. Instead - it automatically levels the player up.

- Added a small hint to the third school faction’s quest

- Added more quips from party members for side-content stuff

- “Key Items” section of the inventory will now not include old, unused key items from earlier dungeons/quests(with exceptions)

- New item “Heretical Book” has been added as a special shop reward. It revives an ally with full HP and SP.

- New item “Incendiary Grenade” has been added and the normal type of “Grenade” now deals more damage to all enemies.

- New items “Painkillers” and “Potent Painkillers” has been added. When used - it gives a targeted character a “Sedated” state, which makes them unable to get
knocked-out while under its effect

- Fixed an oversight, where the “Depression” status effect didn’t prevent characters from using POWER-type skills

- Fixed a bug, which allowed you to save in the school after exiting third faction’s dungeon prematurely

- Fixed Ollie’s name before the sewer part of Day 5

- Evened out the most loud sounds(those I was able to find myself, that is)

- Minor UI and other fixes(small bugs, typos, etc.)

- Got rid of possibly copyrighted sound effects

And that’s it for this version! It’s going to be a while, before the next one(maybe even years), because I want to focus more on my other, new projects. I hope you will all look forward to new stuff from me and, eventually, more updates for SpaceSave!

For now, however - enjoy version 1.4! If you have any problems with the game/found any bugs, don’t hesitate to contact me!

Also, I have decided to make the download redirect to Google Drive as an experiment. Let me know, if there are any problems with it.