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Catching up with dem features. . . . CRYSTAL SKILLS!

  • Yoraee
  • 05/15/2019 09:34 AM
Really sorry about the inactivity here guys. Let's try to keep this blog alive!

In order to keep info about the game consistent across the platforms it presides on, Today I’m gonna talk about Crystals Skills, the Attuned State, and Octagons.

AP (Attuned Points) are a character parameter that decides how attuned a character is with the Crystals. When AP reach their max, the character becomes in an attuned state.

While in this state:

  • The character’s stats increase immensely, making them more powerful in combat.

  • The character gets access to Crystal skills.

Crystal Skills are special skills that are only available when in an attuned state. They cause massive damage or provide higher levels of support to the team, be it healing or improving states of mind.

What Crystals skills are available and how do characters access them?

That’s dependent on the character’s selected Octagon!

There are 8 Octagon types, based on their color. You collect Octagons as you progress throughout the game. Octagons are basically instruments that alter one’s ability to attune to the Crystals. Each Octagon determines how your character gains AP. A red or amber octagon for instance allows you to gain AP when using Offence skills. A blue or green octagon allows you to gain AP when using Defence skills.

So an Octagon dictates how attuned points are gained, and each octagon releases a different set of Crystal skills.

he effects (fire, spark) elements used in the Crystals skills shown here are part of a pack by RTFX on videohive.

I hope you found this feature interesting. I have a soft spot for special skills and all out attacks, so this was very fun to implement! :)