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In the Great White North there is a lady. A lady who is about to have a big day full of excitement! Or it might just be another day of work, cleaning up after the kids, and smiling at her husband while the fire in her eyes dies. Will her family understand if she buys a plane ticket to Hawaii and never leaves? Will she forego said plane and take up heavy drinking to quench the pain? What will become of her husband who has to fill in as Lil Bo Peep?! Come along and see for yourself how life up north is, potentially?, for one special lady!


Nat- The hero of our story. She is blonde, on the short side, and wears snazzy glasses. She is also a mother of two wild sheep in the Great White North and does her best to juggle said sheep, a husband, and a stressful job. Be nice, give your mother a slice. (of cake)

Aaron- The husband of the hero of our story. He too is blonde, but tall, and likes fuzzy sweaters. He tries his best to help Nat out, but unfortunately it doesn’t always end well. Has a stash of fine imported vodka.

Sheepling 1- The first born sheep of the family. Prefers sports to video games and would love to snooze on a sunny, grassy hill all day. Has secret aspirations to initiate Ragnarok.

Sheepling 2- The second born sheep of the family. Nerdier than her sister, she likes to watch Daddy play video games. Until he gets upset at the hackers and starts saying Quebecan words. Despite being younger than Sheepling 1, she is almost as tall.

Aside- Made for Hex’s wife’s birthday, its a bit late, but hopefully she will like it. A short game made in a handful of days partially to improve game making skills and partially to learn Visual Novel Maker.

Rating- PG-13 for dubious clothing, terrible puns, and scary themes and images.

Assets- From VNM and RPG Maker rtps, free use items and sounds, unattributed works on google and pinterest, as well as rips from Phoenix Wright, Oshioki ~Gakuen Reijou Kousei Keikaku~ ,and a few others.

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Thanks so much Delsin!
So Nat is the chick? Lol...
You should have used some proper scaled images for the monsters but the humor is quite nice though. I hope the "tentacle monster" has a cameo in the sequel. :)
LMAO this was fun to play XD I enjoyed it :)
Beat the game in maybe less than 15 minutes with the "Happy End," but curious about other routes and will try again.
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