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The Hero of Dreegom is a short adventure game that embarks to a new world full of magic and carnage. It is filled with mystery that will unfold throughout the game, unraveling the marvels of Dreegom, an island full of wonders and mischief.

The "hero" appears on the island, washed by a mischievous storm, stuck with the only choice of interacting with the people of Treedale, asking for help to go to Karssos to help for the ongoing war.

The adventure will help the "hero" become a true hero worthy of respect and appreciation from the residents of Treedale, while uncovering the hidden lies of the peaceful village.

Latest Blog

List of Major Updates

Successfully added:
Hound recruitment (mercenary like recruitment)
Change party members feature
New skills and items

Changed a part of the main story (still incomplete, regarding dialogue)
Finished the story of Angel's Side Quest

  • Production
  • DEblueEP
  • RPG Maker MV
  • Adventure RPG
  • 12/17/2017 07:25 PM
  • 01/11/2019 09:17 AM
  • 12/17/2017
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