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How the Grimps Stole Christmas

  • Frogge
  • 04/15/2018 07:54 AM

Grimps: A Christmas Puzzle by Momeka
Length: ~15 minutes

There's really only so much you can do with a 15 minute game. Usually, in that timespan, a short, sweet little experience works best. Grimps is a good example of that.

It's a very short but very enjoyable little experience. The pixelart is absolutely delightful, from the cute emotes and bubbly moving animations of the penguins to the sparkling particles as you slide on the ice. There's truly a ton of detail in this world portrayed through the pixel art, whether it's a grimp sliding on ice like crazy, yet still looking adorable, or it's the flowers in the ground bouncing up and down.

The story is that Grimps, these weird Mike Wazowski looking monsters have attacked the penguin village for whatever the reason. You're not really gonna be playing the game for its story, so nothing much to criticize here. The gameplay is where the game shines, feautring a few simple yet challenging puzzles, and ending on what is actually a really really cool boss battle. I never had too much trouble trying to solve the puzzles, despite usually being very bad at them, but I loved them a lot.

Oh no, even the snowman?!

Not to mention - the game has one funky ass soundtrack. The sound effects themselves add a lot to the scene too, such as the 'wack' sound your character makes after turning (adorably) into a bubble and losing the level. It's a very well polished game, with very smooth animations and as far as I could tell, pretty much no bugs. There's even a few secrets to discover, such as how the developer themself pops up from the snow if you get stuck on a level long enough. Your character even changes emotions based on the situation, and that is honestly such an awesome little detail.

It's been a well good time since christmas, but Grimps might still be a game right up your alley if you're looking for a good, short little experience. I give it four Mike Wazowskis out of five.


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Hahaha, I hadn't noticed before, but yeah, they really do look like Wazowski.

Thanks for the review, Frogge, glad you liked the game!
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