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After being abroad for 12 years Iosif returns to his home. Having spent most of his life going from place to place Iosif is excited by the prospect of being able to set down some roots. Iosif goes to a local university to complete his education. There he meets an old friend, named Lesya, who is eager to reconnect their friendship. Will Iosif choose to rekindle an old flame or will he find another fire burning in an unexpected place?

This visual novel will have a common route followed by 4 different choices the main character can make. Each choice will effect who Iosif ends up with at the end of the novel.

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Latest Blog

RMN is a huge competitor for Steam!!!

I recently submitted a new DLC for this game on Steam. It got denied because the DLC store page had a link to my page on RMN. (Yep, the same link on my parent game, my other DLC, and all my other games that still have this link. How I got past the Steam team from previous submissions is beyond my understanding.)


"because the "Visit the website" link leads to another site selling the same product through a different store. It's not allowed to link to other digital stores from Steam."

Apparently RMN is a store that sells games and Steam is very scared of this. I was going to try to argue about this with Steam, but there's really no recourse for me to do this and it's easier to remove the link (and no consequence or anything to stop me from adding it back once its removed, I'm not kidding, Steam doesn't approve store pages for making tiny changes after approval.)

Congratulations RMN, you're on Steam's radar!

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  • 12/19/2017 02:25 PM
  • 01/15/2022 03:07 PM
  • 04/27/2018
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