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Norilsk Download Free

I'm now offering the full Norilsk game for free. I was going to upload it to RMN, but the file size is too big. You can go to


and download it for free.

The game can still be purchased at Steam, if you want to spend money...


(Note that if you want to unlock stuff in the Steam version, you need to download the DLC. The itch.io version doesn't require this.)


RMN is a huge competitor for Steam!!!

I recently submitted a new DLC for this game on Steam. It got denied because the DLC store page had a link to my page on RMN. (Yep, the same link on my parent game, my other DLC, and all my other games that still have this link. How I got past the Steam team from previous submissions is beyond my understanding.)


"because the "Visit the website" link leads to another site selling the same product through a different store. It's not allowed to link to other digital stores from Steam."

Apparently RMN is a store that sells games and Steam is very scared of this. I was going to try to argue about this with Steam, but there's really no recourse for me to do this and it's easier to remove the link (and no consequence or anything to stop me from adding it back once its removed, I'm not kidding, Steam doesn't approve store pages for making tiny changes after approval.)

Congratulations RMN, you're on Steam's radar!

Progress Report

My games got Pirated

You know your famous when someone takes the time to crack your commercial game and put it onto a website where people can download it for free. I recently discovered that both Norilsk and LVN Fake News have been cracked and are being pirated. There's nothing I can really do about this, since this is the internet (and every game gets cracked eventually.) It's another interesting aspect about being a commercial game developer.


New VN Coming!

Norilsk was my first commercial game. While it hasn't been crazy successful, I have managed to see enough money from it to convince me to make another commercial VN. My new VN will be made in Visual Novel Maker using characters and music found in DLC packs (not the default engine characters.) I have also hired a new artist to work on some CGs for this game.

The game is still too earlier in development to release a game page or any story info, but I can share this partial CG for everyone's enjoyment.


Norilsk gets PC gaming article

I guess going around and e-mailing different online gaming sites has paid off. I just did a Google search and found my game in One Angry Gamer. The article is written by Billy D.



Steam Game Page:


Progress Report

Norilsk build is accepted on Steam

For those of you who don’t know there are 2 things you need to get accepted prior to releasing a game on Steam. I tackled the store page first, since I perceived it to be the easier of the 2 tasks. The next thing requires you to download SDK v1.42 to load your game build into the Steam store. This part is quite technical and required many hours of research to figure out.

(No amount of using RPG Maker prepares you for this BS!)

So after a couple days in the submission query my game build has been accepted. So now I just need to wait until Steam allows me to release the game. (Steam has regulation on new developers that require a certain amount of time to pass prior to the final game release.)

(Just seeing a letter from Steam in my e-mail made me stressful.)

To view the game page go to:


Random Steam Stuff That Happens

Part 1 - Getting spam letters in your e-mail for different services.

Part 2 - Being able to find your game on some credible websites.

Part 3 - Being able to join this very private group on Steam.

Part 4 - Seeing how many people added your game to their wishlist.

Part 5 - Shamelessly promoting your game on RMN.


Progress Report

Steam Game Page Available

Visit Now:


The Steam Game Page is now visible and available for public view. I will be releasing the All Ages Version of Norilsk sometime in the future on Steam.

I have always wanted to get a game on Steam for a long time, so it's a very exciting moment for me to actually have a game page on the store.

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