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Norilsk build is accepted on Steam

For those of you who don’t know there are 2 things you need to get accepted prior to releasing a game on Steam. I tackled the store page first, since I perceived it to be the easier of the 2 tasks. The next thing requires you to download SDK v1.42 to load your game build into the Steam store. This part is quite technical and required many hours of research to figure out.

(No amount of using RPG Maker prepares you for this BS!)

So after a couple days in the submission query my game build has been accepted. So now I just need to wait until Steam allows me to release the game. (Steam has regulation on new developers that require a certain amount of time to pass prior to the final game release.)

(Just seeing a letter from Steam in my e-mail made me stressful.)

To view the game page go to:


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