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Wishing for more...

  • Waxius
  • 04/14/2018 02:58 PM
Norlisk - by kory_toombs

First Thoughts:
This review covers the free demo version of Norlisk, an adult-oriented dating simulator made with Visual Novel Maker. The full game is targeted to have mature sexual themes and nudity, as well having the player make choices during the game with ultimately determines which character you end up with out of three girls and one guy.



You are Iosif, a young adult male who has returned after being away for 12 years. Enrolled at the university, he'll meet new people to flirt with and date. At the start of the demo, Iosif has daydreamed and didn't pay attention to the teacher in class. Katrina, a blond girl with a bad attitude, informs you harshly that the teacher has divided the class into groups of three, and your group needs to meet in the library to write a paper on a famous mathematician.


Once there, Sabrina joins your group as you decide who to write the paper about. Sabrina is a brunette, who is smart, but also shy and a little weird. After some dialogue, they decide to write their paper on Issac Newton and set to work.


One they have completed their research Iosif set's off to type the paper, and the group parts ways...

...end of Demo.

Game Play:
This is the first Visual Novel Maker game I've ever played, and so there isn't much to do besides read the story as it unfolds. With normal game settings, you have to press enter after each sentence or paragraph to advance the story. You are able to let it Auto-Play and set the speed of the text reading. Lastly there is also a SKIP feature that lets you skip entire scenes quickly. If you do, you'll skip the entire demo!

Overall Thoughts:
The demo is a short, two minute long experience. You don't make choices in the demo, but you'll make at least 4 choices in the actual game itself. Plus you'll meet another female character and male character as potential love interests.


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I finally changed my avatar, but that doesn't mean I have a meaningful user title.

Fast on you way to 25.
The quickest demo / the easiest review you have ever written :)
"Someday I'll finish my game... someday.."
Fast on you way to 25.
The quickest demo / the easiest review you have ever written :)

It was very hard to do! Took me over an hour to come up with that. But no worries... I have two more or your games to review and I know I'll have more to say about those!
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