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Abstract: This game was originally made in one month for a contest and won a shared first place in the contest due to the aesthetics and the overall feel of Christmas. This is a vastly improved version with multiple improvements from the original version.

Story: Not many people know about it, but actually every story character you can think of, tooth fairy, Santa Claus and many others all live together in this big, beautiful world of magic and wonder.

It's the day before Christmas and young Mrs. Claus is about to receive some troubling news that may hinder even the Christmas of everyone on Earth...


Mrs.Santa Claus

Mrs. Santa is the young wife of Santa Claus. She goes on a journey to gather presents because Santa needs to recover his strength after Eggnog Night.


Frosty is a snowman who's also Mrs. Claus best friend. He loves to tell funny jokes and comes in to help save the Christmas and contribute some Christmas cheer with his wit and humor.


  • Present collecting highscore reaching gameplay

  • Multiple endings

  • Jolly good Christmas fun

Latest Blog

2018 Christmas update

Flashlight works a lot better now
Roaring Caverns are darker
Camera zoom ins tell you where the door opened
Flashlight now detects heights better
New windowskin and many other minor graphical tweaks
Fog effects
Resolution updated to 720P
Hitting enemy from behind them gives you advantage
Performance tweaks
More jokes by Timmy
  • Completed
  • Tuomo_L
  • RPG Maker MV
  • Adventure RPG
  • 12/19/2017 09:56 PM
  • 12/27/2022 04:43 PM
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maps, aesthetic, music, lighting, worldbuilding (even in a small game like this, i believe i can use that word) all of that is amazing ^^
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