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  • zDS
  • 06/03/2018 07:14 PM
I've always meant to say something here, but I guess now is a better time than ever!

My brother and I made Mownt in hopes of reaching for the stars with IGMC 2017. We did it while being ourselves, though. We just got together and thought of this really strange world together and went with it. The challenge was how the game worked, there was a lot of different ways to play the game.

We managed to finish through a series of life shit storms, though we definitely needed a couple more days. We finished a few hours before deadline and submitted, not looking back. Ideally we would have ironed out some bugs, but that did not happen. The fact we managed to finish at all considering all the horrible stuff that happened during the month of October 2017 is nothing short of a miracle.

We did not win the grand prize, but that is fine. We got 9th place! To this day it's one of my favorite projects and I have a blast playing it myself.

I always juggled the idea of balancing and adding an additional boss fight (I always planned on having the Queen without being poisoned being the hardest boss fight). At the same time, I'm honestly not quite sure. What the game is now, minus a few bug fixes, is what the game was when we finished. It's the contest version, and that to me adds charm.

I liked the game's world enough where I always think of more ways to do it. Perhaps one day I will make a more improved version of what the game is now, multiple life paths that twist in turn until you get the full story. Or honestly, I even considered an Animals of Farthing Wood type of game with this setting and characters. None of it would happen anytime soon, but it's totally on my mind a lot as I see this to have potential for something special.

Thanks to everyone who supported us up until now! And thanks to rmn for featuring us for this month!