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The new 2.2b update includes 1-2 hours of gameplay, a boatload of fixes, and a dungeon to explore. It's practically a new game!

Legends of Astravia is a story-driven, puzzle-based RPG inspired by classic Super Nintendo games like Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, and the Legend of Zelda.

The project is currently in its infancy, with it's initial demo and ideas being born in the itch.io / RPGMakerWeb IGMC 2017 Game Jam.

This game is in active development and will continue to receive periodic updates. It is free, and will be throughout its development cycle, until it becomes approximately 50-75% complete. From there, demos will be available to project contributors, until the game eventually becomes complete!

The plan is to have 30+ hours of gameplay and content!

Current estimated total project completion: 10%


The game starts off in the small town of Mordin Village, bordered by forests and swamps on the western edge of Astravia. After being rescued by the local swordsman, Baldric, you find yourself at a loss for any of your past memories. Under the assumption you were a courier from the city of Valica to the east, you decide to prepare for your venture there, with hope that the familiar environment will help you regain your memory.

However, your plans quickly change when you discover a member of Mordin Village is in danger...


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Latest Blog

Roadmap: Februrary 2019

Long time no see everyone! I know it has been over a month since the 2.2b demo release, and I’m sorry if I disappointed anyone who has been eagerly waiting for the next update or some news. Admittedly, I burned myself out with the grind into the last update, but now I am well rested and eager to get working again.

Next Version: 2.3b Demo

For now, I am planning on cleaning up the current demo a bit before moving on to any major changes and content, as you’ve all sent me awesome feedback regarding the current version. There are some pretty big bugs that need to be addressed, as well as a few quality of life changes that need to be made. This is going to be the focus for the next couple of weeks, and though there won’t be much new content, it will ensure the current version is polished and ready to go.

The major changes planned for this version are:

  • Fixing bugs
  • Minor improvements to existing game mechanics
  • Shrinking Mordin Village
  • Adding more lore to the village (books, etc.)
  • Adding a revised introductory sequence
  • Recoloring portraits and tiles

After that, what’s next? Well, the majority of the game’s development so far has been based on mechanics and scripts, but now I feel it’s time to move forward with more content and story progression. The plan for the next major demo, version 3.0b, will include several new areas and another dungeon. This will take some time, but the game will be in a much more completed state by that point.

Thanks for following everyone, I hope to have some more news soon!


As a reminder, I have a Discord server which is a more casual environment for posting updates and teasers and just hanging out. I often will post really early WIP content and ask for feedback on ideas, and you can share your own game development content there as well!
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  • 12/20/2017 09:00 PM
  • 01/18/2019 01:40 AM
  • 12/31/2020
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Looks good, can't wait to try out the demo. I'll let you know if I find any kind of bugs or spelling mistakes.
So, this is finally on RMN as well, looking forward to what you manage to cook up Jaiden!
A boisterous hero
Thanks everyone!
short demo. 1 dungeon and 1 town. XP tileset mapping looks really good, was this XP or VXA?

The beginning battles could be quite difficult if I didnt get the better sword, especially if I stumble into one of those 3 mushroom groups. In fact I died once to one of those. Where was teh escape option? Also big thing, defend is literally useless. It doesnt seem to decrease damage at all whatsoever.

Anyway the demo is pretty good but there's a moderate heaping of cliches. I really like all the secrets and stuff, they can be easy to miss but dedicated secret hunters will get a good challenge. Pays off too, the better sword in particular is EXTREMELY useful.
A boisterous hero

Thanks for the feedback! Yes, demo is quite short right now, the game is still heavily in progress, so I can't wait to release more.

I have received feedback that those battles are too tough. The troop of 3 is definitely not supposed to be there, so I'm going to fix this next update for sure.

The escape option was touched upon in the battle tutorial, but I think I need to make it more clear to the player.

Well, dang, defend is indeed useless. Thank you for pointing this out, that's definitely a bug that will be addressed next update as well.

I'm glad you liked the mapping and the secrets. This is a sort of weird XP/VXA hybrid, but the mapping is all done in XP.
I have tried out the demo and wow! I really am enthralled with how atmospheric everything was! The mapping was very nicely made and I noticed it is using the XP tile-sets, and I've always loved the XP tile graphics. xD

The battles were fast-paced and fun (though I did quite a few times with the shrooms >.< ).

Still, I know it is in demo phase, but I can already tell that this is going to be a great game! :D
Will be looking forward to trying the update, the game is fun, but find the earlier demo too short.
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