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Icebound is an atmospheric, story-driven game that should take most players under 45 minutes to beat. It was my entry for the 2017 IGMC contest, and placed 15th overall in the Judge's Choice.


You take on the role of Farren, a young heir to the frozen kingdom of Ascalon. When she realises that her fate as future Lord Knight of the isle is bound to the spirit guardian Fimbul, she sets out to free not just herself, but Fimbul herself, from a terrible fate.


- A heavy focus on storytelling rather than actual gameplay.
- No main menu or level-grinding required.
- A plot centralised around one boss fight using a two-player battle system.
- Augment your characters to define their abilities during battle.

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  • polarcactus
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  • 12/21/2017 01:14 PM
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  • 11/04/2017
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Good to see this on here. I've enjoyed what I've played of it so far - I really liked the direction of the cutscenes, and the setting. & Needless to say, the graphics are lovely.
I dunno if I''ll just leave the IGMC version as a download or make tweaks later down the line.

Aaand completed gam No. 4 is done. 9 years of RM'ing... only 4 completed projects. I am shamed.
That's probably the same as/more than a lot of other long-term devs, so no shame necessary.
Oh, don't take it seriously. It was just a jibe at myself. xD
Just played Icebound. Good game overall! The mapping is excellent and the story flows smoothly. I found it quite enjoyable for a quick 45 min game. Good job! I do have some feedback for you, since I noticed there's not much here. Hopefully this helps a little.

I didn't like how the enemies respawned after the map was cleared. Mainly because 1) there was no leveling in this game so any combat felt like it lacked purpose beyond inflating the play time, and 2) there was no variety in enemy type. Going back and forth to find Ein stones meant a lot of fighting the same enemies over and over, and they posed no challenge.

Since there's no actual inventory screen, a counter for the number of Ein stones in the inventory would have been nice, even if it was just a little icon on the screen. Speaking of inventory, what were all those items on the statue's interaction screen where you trade in Ein stones?

Couple of bugs:
1. If you hit ESCAPE to cancel out of the save/teleport crystal prompt, it teleports by default. Unless this was intended.

2. Error message on shutdown:
Script 'YEM Skill Equip System' line 957: TypeError Occured.
undefined superclass 'Window_LearnData'

And some questions/comments that may contain spoilers...

- Since we were going to free Fimbul anyway, why do we still have to fight her? Couldn't she just have surrendered and gave us a technical win? If this was made clear in the game, I missed it.

- Reckoning felt cheap at the end. It almost made the whole fight meaningless to just be able to unleash a superpower at the end.

- Since combat was sparse, some of the abilities could have had shorter cooldowns to make it more fun. Most of Sabine's abilities are never used or needed. All I used him for is just his basic attack as all of his debuffs are never needed in any fight.

I hope the feedback doesn't make it sound like I hated your game lol. I try to be thorough when providing feedback, especially if the game maker doesn't have much feedback on their game page. Overall, I really did it enjoy it, and would definitely play a longer version of this game if you ever decide to make one.

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