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Humanity has expanded from its ancient cradle to fill the sky with its worlds. At first the expansion came by way of the enigmatic “warp drives” that granted humans the ability to skip between stars. Humanity sent you among other colonists to the darkness above to find new homes to expand mankind faiths, and ideologies.

Using this warp drives technology, humanity decides to launch two fully equipped research spaceships ( The Zion and the Shenzhen) on a mission to find more habitable planets suitable for colonization. Due to the expected long journey, you and other members of your team enter a cryogenic mode, leaving the spacecraft to be fully handled by bots and droids until they arrive to their destination. But something unexpected happens, and several months after engaging their warp drives, the two spaceships lose communication with each other and the ships' hulls start to lose integrity.
After calculating the risks, the droids decide to shut down the warp drive.
With their warp drives offline, your research ship drift through space until it sucked in by a nearby planet's gravitational pull and put on a collision course with its surface.
Only one human static pod survives the crash!
100+ items
100+ Planets and star systems
30+ alien creatures
10+ resources and minerals to exploit
12+ hours of playtime
12+ side quests and missions
future achievements to unlock
1 mouse and keyboard controlled player -->YOU

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