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Deprimerie now has an official Discord server! Come on in and say hi!

"What is your motive in creating a reality bent around one's desires? Your motivation? It very well could save our lives one day, but I see no reason to attempt this feat now."

Deprimerie is a short, linear RPG with lots of branching paths and optional content. The game aims to be around 4 hours long for the main story, and 5.5 hours if you do all the stuff needed for the True Ending. It follows the adventures of Tyson, who's put into a weird world after having a strange encounter with a kitchen sink and a house fire. He soon learns he must travel this strange land and save this world, or fall to the power of Nightmare and erode away.

Things to do in this world
- Fight against the forces of darkness!
- Recruit a wide variety of party members!
- Buy powerful skills and inherit them to party members!
- Chill with your neighbor
- Hopefully not a lot of grinding

Release notes
A few years ago, I decided to make a unique type of RPG. I wanted to tell the story of a kid lost in his own dreams. Unaware of the already existing community for similar games like Yume Nikki, I, along with my friend ShinyKitten07, decided to make a platformer RPG hybrid. And while that hybrid idea has been lost in it's development cycle and while it has shifted from multiple engines (GameMaker, RPG Maker 2003, and now RPG Maker 2000), the game still maintained it's core focus: exploring your mind and the crazy thoughts of yours.
And now, after two years, the game is finally done.
This is Deprimerie.

Latest Blog

One last update on Deprimerie.

Hoo boy. It's been a while since I wrote a blog for this, so I'm going to cover as many grounds as I can with this one.

Let's address the big one first. Development on Deprimerie: STORM of the Future has slowly been slowing down ever since January, and it's at the point where I work on it maybe once a month if I can bring myself to. After finishing the freeware version of Deprimerie, I wanted to make a version of the game where I'd just stuff as many things as I could into it, and in trying to do that, I over-exerted myself. The reason I was even able to finish Deprimerie's original release is because it, from the very beginning, was planned to be a 5-6 hour game at the very most. But my vision for SotF was probably going to end up being closer to 10-12 hours, if you did all the things I stuffed into it. It wasn't fun working on so many different things in the same project, as opposed to making the original, fairly linear storyline from the freeware version. So, I put it lower on my priority list to focus on developing Spiral Flame, my current main project, as well as I could. And it went well. Spiral Flame's first chapter was fully completed just recently and is up for download. But what did this mean for Deprimerie: STORM of the Future?

Well, I took a good, hard, look at it. And I came to the realization of something: this didn't feel like the game I wanted to make anymore. Deprimerie will always be close to my heart as my first full game, and I sort of felt like releasing Deprimerie: STORM of the Future would be doing a disservice to the original vision I had for the game throughout it's entire development.

So, it's with a heavy heart that I must officially announce: STORM of the Future will not be released. It's being cancelled. I'm sorry for getting your hopes up, but I can't bring myself to work on this anymore. It's not enjoyable for me, and I want to make games people can enjoy playing, but I can also enjoy making.

Now, onto the less negative news. In light of this, I've decided to give the Deprimerie soundtrack a permanent price drop, as well as a temporary "pay-what-you-want" price! For the next short while, the soundtrack will be PWYW, so now's your chance to pick it up! But even after that, it'll remain at $2.

As well, in case you were unaware, I've been working on a much larger project, called Spiral Flame, which you can check out at https://rpgmaker.net/manage_games/11020/! It's been a blast making it so far, and there's a sizable demo released that's nearly as long as Deprimerie itself! I learned a lot in making Deprimerie, so I'm going to put everything I can into my future projects.

Also, I've decided to delist my Patreon page. Nobody was pledging and as I went on I started to like the idea of a paid reward system less and less.

Thank you for your support! I hope you enjoy what I have in store for all of you.


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This looks quite interesting. Would play!

Future Ruler of Gam Mak
Yay, it's finally out! :D
Yes, it's out! Hope you all enjoy Deprimerie!
I downloaded the game and extracted the .zip-file. It contains another .zip-file as well as a text-file, explaining you how to extract .zip-files. The second .zip file contains each individual folder such as Backdrop, Battle, Charset, Chipset, Faceset (...), Map001.lmu (...), Map0150.lmu, so you have to create a new folder called "Deprimerie" on your own to extract the files there.

Oops! I forgot to update the zip file with the fix for that! I'll get that fixed as soon as I can!
It looks really interesting, and I especially like games with this kind of concept.
Also thanks for not making one pay for it, since I don't have any money I'm really grateful for that.
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