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Annabeth has lived her childhood with two monsters in her life - Alfred, the monster under her bed and Boris, the monster in her closet. Abandoned by her father at a young age and raised by her single mother, she became an easily scared child, jumping at shadows and fearing the things that go bump in the night.

Many years later, when Annabeth is seventeen, she has cause to rethink her initial judgement about Alfred having made contact with the monster after accidentally feeding it. Is Alfred really dangerous or is there something more to it?

One night, while her mother is out on a date, she decides to find out once and for all if there really is something to fear from the monsters in her life. Investigating under the bed she stumbles on a mysteries world. There she meets two young boys, both claiming to be Alfred and also claiming that Boris, the monster in her closet, is dangerous. Which boy is which? Who can she trust? And how can she return home?

Every choice matters and will greatly affect the story!!

Warning: This game includes the following and should be treated with caution.
Mentions of domestic abuse, starvation, violence, abandonment, murder and death, minimal cursing, heavily implied cannibalism (but not graphic), subtlety implied sexual assault, on screen death.

There are four endings. I'm not going to say how to get them, because there's a hint at the very end of your first playthrough. It's very easy to get every ending if you pay attention, so I will not be making any kind of guide what so ever. I encourage that you get all four endings as they all have different parts of the story that connects with each other that you won't find in any other ending. But if you don't want to play all of them
at least try to get Ending 1 with Alfred, as I would consider it the True End.

The game is tagged horror but it is more of a psychological horror.
Gameplay is about 30 minutes to an hour longer, maybe longer or shorter depending on how fast you read.

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Who can you trust!?
This game is great and defiantly worth a try!
I enjoyed the storyline, which was quite easy to follow. However I totally recommend paying clooooose attention to the things the characters say, so your natural trust alerts will spark. (If that makes sense)

Beautiful Music
Splendid Scenery
Curious Storyline

WARNING: Full review below with Possible Spoilers.
Please play the game before reading below

Brilliant Game, it kept my attention for two endings, my first ending happened to the be the worst possible one (Sorry Annabeth, He seemed so nice and the other guy was sooooo distant, I can't imagine what you went through for those decisions)

I think this is a different view of monsters under the bed and monsters in the closet or the monster in the attic. Because where they came from, and why they acted the way they did! Also the idea that what they see was only in their (the humans) mind; that if it was a dog, he would have seen a dog. Brilliant concept!

I did run into a few typos, but not enough to take away the understanding, nor the fun of the storyline. The only one I actually remember is when you get the good ending and Anna, calls her mom he, rather than she. No big deal though; barely detracted from the story.

And you totally got me with the one true choice, two different selections

There's much more I have to say for this game, but time and restrictions won't allow, so all in all, brilliant job Muffle! Keep making awesomeness!
Omg o////o Thank you so much.

This game in my opinion is the best one I've made so far and so I've been really bummed out about it not getting the attention I had hoped.

Seeing that someone enjoyed it as much as you did makes me really happy. Thank you for putting your input, I've been told there have been several misspellings that I may eventually get to. So did you just stop at two endings and if not which ones did you get. I cannot tell you how thrilled I am that someone enjoyed it this much.
You're super welcome! Thanks you for making it! :D

I am defiantly interested in trying your other ones, Yeah, sometimes it seems our best work, gets the least attention. Don't understand the logic behind it at all >.>
Either way, keep up the awesome work! I really like this!

Nope, I am going to try some more,
I must try being less trusting toward the closet monster

I got the bad ending first, where I killed Alfred and Muffle was I sad, I was like what have I done!! So then I listen to your ending, which explained everything well, and quickly tried again! :D

Afterward, I did everything the same, except hid behind Alfred (The real one) Then shot Boris! Which was a good ending! Except my mind was like don't trust that guy that's dating mom, cause he's tooooo interested in Anna.

I will let you know what I think of the other endings! :D
o////o Thank you so much. I hope you like the other endings as well.

The game was supposed to make you feel like that. After you pick to hide behind Boris and you have an option to Shoot Alfred or Shoot Alfred that was the part that was supposed to make you feel uneasy and then comes the "What have I done!!" part xD I'm glad I was able to make that happen correctly.

Yea Alfred's ending one is probably the best ending. Oh and don't worry about the guy (Lucas), I didn't even think that people would think he was bad for being interested in Anna. He's just excited because he's always wanted a kid to spoil, he isn't some pedo. Also, did you notice who his sister was ;)

Oh, and how did that heartfelt scene before you leave Alfred go? Was it shown correctly, did it give you feels? I was worried maybe it came off unrealistic when I was trying to make an emotional scene. I hope I did well. Oh, and whenever you finish would you be nice enough to make an actual review o3o

Thank you again for such wonderful comments!! I'm glad you enjoyed the game.
I'm sure I will, I plan on playing another ending after work today :D

K, cool cause I was gonna have to beat Lucas up
I did notice who his sister was, I was like whaaaaaa O.O Maybe this will have a sequel. Which are plenty of ways you could address that if you went for it, I'd totally play it!

I could totally feel the emotion and could tell that Alfred was speaking from the deeper part of his heart, I quite enjoyed it and was soooo glad you didn't put the emotional faces on the scream -hides behind wall, to block the emotional outburst-

Sadly I tried to do it as a review and they told me, it is a comment >.>
Must admit I don't know why, perhaps they have a guidebook on making reviews and they want me to follow it to the tee <- (Is that even how you spell that? O.o)

I will look into it and see how I could do an actual review, whatever they consider that to be. Looking forward to more! :D

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